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Gothamist Writer Goes on Media Junket, Distills D.C. to a Few Blocks in Dupont

Everything worth doing in D.C. is at the Embassy Row Hotel! Who knew?

Ending Lazy Columnizing Would Boost Dana Milbank’s Case for Local Readership

The specific gripes Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has against the District government, as detailed in this morning's column:

Taxicabs will soon all be painted red.
The signs on top of cab roofs that say "Call 911."
D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange has been admonished for interfering with a health inspection of a campaign donor's allegedly rat-infested grocery store.
D.C. [...]

Noted Without Comment

Big news on Facebook today.

The Needle: Mighty Mo Edition

Hot Shoppes Is Back: The sprawling Marriott empire—with hotels everywhere from Rosslyn to Romania—started out as a root beer stand at 14th Street and Park Road NW. What came between that business and today's behemoth? Hot Shoppes. The restaurant chain closed in 1999, but in its prime, outposts were all over the District, the area, [...]

The Needle: Popcorn Tax Edition

Let's All Go To The Lobby And Pay Some Taxes: Seeing movies in the theaters these days is an expensive proposition. There's the tickets themselves, which cost more than $10. There's the Metro fare to the theater. There's the $7 monthly payment to Netflix that meant you could have just held out a few months [...]

The Needle: Save Us, John Beck, You’re Our Only Hope Edition

Eat Your Vegetables: For years, stereotypes of D.C. dining began and ended with lobbyists sitting in steakhouses, carving up the world along with their filets. That's now well out of date—and as a new survey shows, D.C. apparently has the highest percentage in the country of diners who eat vegetarian meals when visiting restaurants. Don't [...]

Marion Barry’s Government Integrity Standards

Here's an undated poster of "District of Columbia Government Integrity Standards" signed by Marion Barry.

(click to enlarge)