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The Needle: ‘Social Media Is Hot Right Now’ Edition

Tweet On, You Crazy Diamond: Mike DeBonis confirms that former Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry is, indeed, tweeting his own tweets from a brand new Twitter account. “The social media is hot right now,” he says. “I want to keep in touch with technology. I want to stay in touch with the young people.” Sample tweet: "@KwameBrownDC WELL [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Bros Icing Pols Edition

Good morning, Washington! Are you disappointed that there haven't been any D.C.-specific adaptations of the whole "bros icing bros" phenomenon? Well, We Love DC's David Stroup has you covered:

For more viral, malt-beverage-fueled hilarity, check out Alex Balk's "Bros Icing Bros And The Fate Of Humanity: A Look Back."
In more sober news, The Walk Disney Company will be [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Marbury a Wizard? Can You Party AND Maintain House Ethics? Wake Up Call for Hoop Dreams? Letterman Loses Pride, Battle With Palinites?

As he was heading off the air, I'm pretty sure I heard Dave Feldman at Fox-5 report last night that the Wizards are going to work out Stephon Marbury today.
Did anybody tell Abe Pollin?
Lebron's come and gone. But we only have to wait a week for the next celeb sports doc extravaganza: Luis Tiant will [...]