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Post Adds Times Public Editor as Media Columnist

Wemple and Farhi's roles not expected to change

Washington Times Could Lay Off Quarter of Staff, Hit Local Hard

Tough times are ahead for staff at the Washington Times, according to a new memo from editor David Jackson. While the paper's post-Rev. Moon shake-up has so far been limited to upper management positions, that's about to change, with the Washington Post's Erik Wemple reporting that layoffs could cut as much as a quarter of the [...]

Former City Paper Food Critic: Times-Picayune Laid Me Off for Winning Fellowship

Like another 200 people on the New Orleans Times-Picayune's staff, former Young & Hungry writer and current Times-Picayune food critic Brett Anderson was fired today. But Anderson tells the Post's Erik Wemple (also a City Paper alum) that he was told he was being let go for an unusual reason: his recently-awarded Nieman Fellowship to study for a year [...]

Where Are The Women And Non-White Media Critics?

A hearty congratulations to City Paper alum Andrew Beaujon on accepting a gig at Poynter as the site's "new Romenesko." There, he'll be writing a media blog edited by Julie Moos that will replace the work of Jim Romenesko, who left Poynter last year and launched his own blog.
With all of the changes happening in journalism, [...]

TBD’s Night of the Long Knives

Allbritton Communications is giving up on its efforts to reinvent local news for the online era.
Staffers at, launched with great fanfare by Politico's parent company last summer, were informed one at a time this morning by editor Erik Wemple that significant layoffs were on the way, and then told whether they were among those [...]

Four-Year Roundup

One time in an edit meeting, Erik Wemple said I'd make a terrible profile subject. Drawing a line on a piece of paper, he put me at one end and Jonathan Rees at the other. Rees was too nuts, he said (paraphrasing here) and I was too boring. The ideal City Paper subject, he posited, [...]

Petula Dvorak Plays the Mommy Card

Petula Dvorak thinks Erik Wemple's "criticism of [her] 'mommy track columnizing'" in this week's Best of D.C. issue "illuminates one of the deep cultural rifts of our time."

Morning Roundup: The ‘Apologize With a Poem’ Edition

Good morning.
So, in no particular order: Marion Barry is "truly, truly" sorry. Erik Wemple is leaving City Paper. Dick Cheney has had another (!) heart attack. And more snow could be on the way!

Morning Roundup: The “@gilbertarenas Twitter Account Has Been Disappeared” Edition

Good morning, City Desk.
Big news: Gilbert Arenas' Twitter account has been disappeared! Yesterday, we provided a "Time to Last Tweet" clock (Arenas had made it more than a day and a half). Now, go to his page and you'll get only, "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" Lawyers! His Web site remains intact.
Less big news: It [...]

Our Morning Roundup: ‘Hasan Was an Avid Redskins Fan’

Somber morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to what will probably be my last Freedom Friday. Henceforth, I'll be doing the morning roundups on the Arts Desk. In genuinely somber news, Major Nidal M. Hasan, prime suspect in yesterday's shootings at Ft. Hood, was home-grown. WaPo's reporting reveals a rather mundane yet devout religious man [...]

Editorial Bastards at Crafty Bastards

Have you ever wanted to punch any of us in the face? Tomorrow's your big chance! Here's the schedule for ed-staff appearances at the City Paper booth for tomorrow's crafty fair.

Our Morning Roundup: “Unwanted Slumber Party” Edition

*UNWANTED SLUMBER PARTY: WTOP reports that a Georgetown student discovered a strange man in her bed yesterday morning. The G'town Cuddler strikes again? Police aren't sure:
"She screamed, he fled, and detectives responded," says D.C. Police Commander Matt Klein, "and subsequently took a report for a second degree sexual abuse."
The only description detectives have is the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Shrimp and White Wine

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to a somewhat hungover Fringe Friday! Your intrepid blogger, after much good-natured cajoling, ended up at last night's Fringe kick-off in Chinatown. Boy oh boy, did I have fun! I met Wrath, Gluttony, and Greed from The Sin Show, and according to all the cards I found in [...]

AAN Awards Update: Washington City Paper Brings Home Three First-Place Wins

Washington City Paper, finalists in five of the highest-circulation categories for the 2009 Association for Alternative Newsweeklies Awards, has been named the first-place winner in three of them: arts criticism, media reporting/criticism, and innovation/format buster. In addition, this blog received second-place honors and staff photographer Darrow Montgomery, who received honorable mention in the 2008 awards, was named [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Let The Michael Jackson Idolatry Begin

Good morning, City Desk readers. Did you miss me? Dave didn't–dude told me to "bring it hard" this week, and I will. I'll start by saying all this love for Michael Jackson seems pretty fucking bizarre. Last time this guy was in the limelight, 2/3 of the country was outraged that he got away with [...]