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Gun-Toting Reporter Emily Miller to Leave FOX5

"It was a truly rewarding experience to work at Fox 5 DC," she says.

The Needle: Beware of the District

The High Life: If D.C. legalizes pot, could it turn into a city of helpless stoners? Well, no, but Emily Miller's latest column somewhat dubiously warns of the perils of marijuana, anyway. -4
Danger Zone: This Australian newspaper dubbed D.C. an international "thievery hotspot," warning tourists to beware of gangs. -3

Washington Times’ Emily Miller: If D.C. Could Pick Up Its Trash, We’d Have Statehood

The Washington Times' always irascible Emily Miller offers a compelling argument in her latest column for why D.C. shouldn't attain statehood: Its leaders and citizens can't pick up their trash.
In her column, Miller scolds the tens of thousands of people who attended the March on Washington on Saturday for leaving the National Mall littered with [...]

Washington Times Could Lay Off Quarter of Staff, Hit Local Hard

Tough times are ahead for staff at the Washington Times, according to a new memo from editor David Jackson. While the paper's post-Rev. Moon shake-up has so far been limited to upper management positions, that's about to change, with the Washington Post's Erik Wemple reporting that layoffs could cut as much as a quarter of the [...]

Will Vince Gray Tax God?

Could Vince Gray pass a tax so airtight, God himself could not evade it?
So ponders Washington Times' senior opinion editor Emily Miller in an article headlined, irresistibly, "Tax on God." Miller's concerned that Gray is considering taxing companies that hold classes in the city's parks.
It took God six days to create the earth, but it [...]