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I Sing of the Census

Last week’s Census report revealed that D.C.’s black population had plummeted—causing observers to declare that Parliament’s D.C.-inspired tune “Chocolate City” is now inaccurate. What should replace it as local musical cliché? A sampling of other songs about Washington is below; list your other suggestions in the comments.
Song: ”Bourgeois Blues”
Artist: Leadbelly
Year: 1938
Relevance: High. The late bluesman wouldn’t feel [...]

The Needle: Ho Ho Ho Edition

War on Christmas: Federal officials are preparing to ditch the color-coded alert system that's been stuck on yellow virtually every day since it debuted in 2002. But it's always red alert near the Pentagon, which is why the discovery today of a blinking Christmas ornament in a trash can in the Metro station there caused [...]

Spitzer to Fenty: A $1,000 Campaign Donation

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's massive re-election fundraising drive has brought unsurprising results–a boatload of money from the business world (especially real estate developers) along with some smaller chunks of cash from ordinary folks. As of July 31, $2.7 million.
One contribution, though, sticks out among the lawyers and executives: $1,000 from "Spitzer, Eliot" at "985 5th [...]

Become a Shill for Your Favorite Restaurant

I've heard people don't trust publicists. Weird thing, I know. But people don't even seem to trust the people, either, given that they still invest a ton of time reading, absorbing, and responding to professional food critics (for which I'm eternally grateful, believe me) instead of trusting the opinions of all those bloggers out there [...]