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Elgin Baylor Was Here! Really!

Elgin Baylor, likely the greatest athlete this city ever produced, has no presence in his hometown.
When he left for Idaho in 1954, he really left. The NBA All-Timer, Spingarn hero and D.C. playground legend almost never makes appearances in a place where men of a certain age and race regard him as a superhero.
So I [...]

Elgin Baylor, Won’t You Please Come Home?

The greatest athlete this city ever produced hasn't had anything to do with us for a long, long time.
Spingarn's own Elgin Baylor is on the witness stand in a Los Angeles courtroom this week in his ugly trial against a former boss, L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling.
Baylor sued Sterling for discrimination after his 2008 firing [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Talking Up Gary Mays Again

For the profitable print platform of the Washington City Paper,  I wrote this week about Gary Mays.
I've written about him a few times over the last decade. I'd write about him every week if I could. I've been doing some version of a sports column here for about 17 years now. I've never met anybody [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Elgin Baylor Gets His Day, But Not Here?

Today is Elgin Baylor Day in Washington!
But not this Washington. Greg Nickels, the mayor of Seattle, Wash., has officially dedicated today to Baylor.
Baylor was in Seattle for a couple years of college ball. So if he gets a day named after him there, Baylor should have a day named after him in D.C., too. And [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: If Nobody Else Does, John Thompson Gives Elgin Baylor His Due

Yesterday's John Thompson Show on WTEM was amazing. Thompson devoted much of the program to talk about Elgin Baylor, who turned 75 years old Wednesday.
Thompson told listeners he phoned Baylor in Southern California on his birthday just to say thanks for inspiring him and so many other DC kids in the 1950s when he went [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Trouble at the Top of DC Schoolboy Sports, Nats Keep Hopelessness Alive, United Wins in Front of Nobody, Danny Ferry Wins GM Award

Troy Mathieu has quit as athletic director of DC Public Schools. He didn't last a year. Mathieu had replaced Allen Chin, who had the AD job for decades but was an early sweepee of Michelle Rhee's broom. Based on limited exposure — mainly the flip-flopping and bungling I witnessed from her office while she was [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Third Time’s Not Charmed for the Caps

Awesome Capitals trivia from play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: After last night's OT loss in Pittsburgh, Kolbe related that the Caps have never won a Game Three in any best-of-seven playoff series. The team's been around 35 years! How's that possible? (Apparently it's NOT possible!)
Awesome Capitals trivia about play-by-play man Steve Kolbe: The franchise has had [...]