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The Needle: Somebody’s Watching Me Edition

Metropolitan Panopticon: More and more businesses these days have some kind of surveillance camera set up, keeping an eye on you while you buy your groceries, deposit your paycheck, fill up your gas tank, or run up more unsecured consumer debt. All those cameras are, apparently, making District officials jealous. So the city plans to [...]

Morning Roundup: Low Pressure Edition

Morning, readers. Friday is upon us. Weird weather we've been having this week, huh? This low pressure system has made for a week of variable temps and plenty of precipitation.
It's May 14, time for some "this day in history" fun:

The last episode of Seinfeld aired in 1998, raking in $2 million per commericial.
The 1989 Tianamen [...]

Morning Roundup: The Ivy Leagues, Hustlers and Realism Edition

Morning everyone. Today’s Tuesday, I believe it’s cold, and there’s a chance of rain.
In case you missed it, the Hirshhorn Museum received a new art installation last night–a patch of realism. Guess nakedness was already taken.
Prom dates are always such a fuss. Should you ask him? Should you wait for him to ask you? Will [...]

Weekend in Review: Diamond Stud Edition

While you scramble for left- and right-wing points on presumed Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, here is some justice-related news closer to the ground.
Gilbert Arenas finished his halfway house sentence on Friday. Just as predicted, he made everyone there a better basketball player: