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Dancing in the Street to Support Iran

Major intersections downtown might be crowded today with people dancing to their iPods in large groups.  Why?  To show their solidarity for the Iranian elections, of course.  In all seriousness though, the Georgetown chapter of Project Nur is planning a series of flash mobs that will take place throughout the city as a way of [...]

D.C. House Voting Rights Act: What Happens If It Passes?

With the D.C. House Voting Rights Act set to hit the Senate floor early next week, and with House consideration likely not far behind, things are looking up enough that LL can ask the question: What happens after the bill becomes law?
Well, Eleanor Holmes Norton isn't magically transformed from delegate into full-fledged congresswoman.

Care to Clean Up D.C. Elections?

Then you might consider applying to serve as executive director of the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.
The agency has been in the news in a bad way in recent months, for botching vote counts on the night of the District primary in September, then by taking forever to get any results out after the [...]

Palin Subject of New Ethics Complaint

October surprise?
It's Travelgate Palin-Style. Wink. According to a CBS News report:
"Alaska Governor and Republican Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin may be facing another round of scrutiny, this time for charging the state for her children to travel with her while conducing official state business.
CBS News has obtained a copy of the complaint that Frank [...]