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Photos: The Celebration

14th and U Streets, 11:30 p.m.

After a long day, my camera battery died approximately ten minutes after I took these shots. But, never fear, I am told there are plenty more images on the way.

Scenes from Shaw on Election Night

I've lived in two other cities where citizens broke into spontaneous celebrations: Kansas City after the Royals won the 1985 World Series and Houston when the Rockets won the 1994 NBA Finals (and again in 1995). But neither of those felt as joyous and genuine as the crowds that jammed up the intersection at 14th [...]

Improbably, I Receive a Write-In

Courtesy of a friend who apparently doesn't give a damn about his ANC representation:

Definitive evidence below the jump.

Tears, etc.

Yesterday, We All Lost

Yesterday, voting Americans elected a black man to the highest office in the country. In Colorado and South Dakota they voted to preserve a woman's right to choose. In Maryland they voted to allow adults to gamble with their own money. In Michigan they voted in favor of stem cell research and the legalization of [...]

Election Night 2008: In the Wee Small Hours…

Nobody seemed to know whose pickup truck it was—certainly the police didn’t, but they weren’t about to arrest the twenty or so people jammed onto the cargo area.  Slowly, imperceptibly, it rolled us down 16th Street as we chanted “Sí se puede!” and “O-BAM-A” and—yes—”U.S.A.!” to the approval of crowds on either side of the [...]

Watch Obama’s Acceptance

Spoiler alert: Obama won!

Watch McCain’s Concession

Insane Person of the Night

And the winner is: The lady in the grandiose white hat at the corner of 6th St. & Rhode Island Ave. who yelled at me, as I rode past her on my bicycle, "Barack Obama! Sieg Heil, Nazi! Sieg Heil on that bike of yours! Nazi!"
Can anyone top this?

It’s Over But It’s Not Over

So Long Frank Winstead?

As we all have figured out by now, BOEE is not the most reliable. But according to their latest updates on election returns, notorious ANC Commissioner and Ping Pong Hater Frank Winstead has lost his re-election bid. He got thumped:
Tom Whitley: 460 votes.
Frank Winstead: 161 votes.
Write-In: 11 votes.
This may be a huge victory for [...]

Obamans Dancing on 18th Street

Thus CNN projected it, thus people danced in the street. There was yelling. There was honking. There was photographing. And from someone somewhere, James Brown.

The Scene at Station 9, the DC For Obama Party

I just got back from the DC for Obama party at Station 9 (on U Street), which was ca-raaaaaaaay-zee! The first floor was packed from wall to wall, with a huge screen showing CNN to masses of people standing in the middle section of the restaurant. Upstairs, there was a V.I.P room. I was told [...]

As the Election Is Called…

...the roman candles start popping over Petworth.
This isn't a Red neighborhood.