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Photo: Pot Dog

Mt. Pleasant Street NW, November 4

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Just a few more hours, and this is all over.
While you wait for the polls to close and the results to come in, make sure you're checking City Desk and Loose Lips for election coverage throughout the evening. You can also mainline our reporters' observations via Twitter—and through the handy Twitter list at the bottom [...]

The Needle: Vote Edition

Get Out The Vote: If an election is held in D.C. and nobody notices, does it make a sound? Early indications were that today's primary for D.C. Council (and GOP presidential nominee) was drawing light turnout. Polls are open until 8 p.m., so you still have time to go cast a ballot; chances are you [...]

The Needle: At-Large Edition

Vote!: The following piece of information will probably shock many readers—there is an election today in D.C. for an at-large seat on the D.C. Council. Turnout is, apparently, light enough as to be barely noticeable. (When we voted at 10:15 a.m. in Ward 4, only a few dozen people had cast ballots already.) Polls are [...]

Words? Just Words?

The internet stifles originality. Well, what I mean is, the internet stifles my ability to think I've got any originality.
On election night, mulling the debacle of the Republican presidential campaign and the party's wrecked state, a potential GOP slogan for the next run popped into my head: "Dumb and Plumber in 2012!"
I giggled and ran [...]

Private School Roundup

Just on MSNBC: Sally Quinn predicts Obama's daughters will most likely attend Sidwell Friends....
How predictable.

Slideshow: It’s Over But It’s Not Over

Photographs by Darrow Montgomery; slideshow by Ted Scheinman

“We Can Work it Out”

Republicans, feeling down and out? Democrats, tempted to gloat? Check this out.

It’s Not Obama’s Victory, It’s Mine. And Mine. And Mine. (Pt. II)

You gotta read down to get to the point where this outfit claims its contribution to Obama's win: "Our consistent work played a major role in turning public sentiment against the war, and that sentiment helped lay the foundation for the Obama campaign's success."
Please keep passing on press releases claiming decisive roles in the election
Statement [...]

2000 Block of 14th Street NW, November 4

1200 Block of U Street NW, November 4

Our Morning Roundup

* Read our complete election coverage or re-live the day in photos.
* New York Times recaps Obama's morning after.
* Slate explains what happens now for the "gay couples who entered into legal marriages in California before the amendment passed."
- WaPo's Eugene Robinson tells us why we all lost it on Tuesday.
- In case you missed [...]

No One Had A Very Bad Night

According to Traci Hughes, D.C. Police spokesperson, no one was arrested for overly celebrating last night.
Think about it: You were honking your horn, screaming Yes We Can, effectively closing down 14th and U Streets, jokingly referring to the First Dude as "The Second Dude," and getting hammered. How much would it suck to end up [...]

What Civil Rights Victory?

Can we still call Barack Obama's election a "civil rights victory" if the majority of black voters in California and Florida threw gays and lesbians under the bus?

It’s Not Obama’s Victory, It’s Mine. And Mine. And Mine.

Please pass on any other press releases claiming decisive roles in last night's win
New York, N.Y. – November 4th, 2008 – In a sweeping and historical victory tonight, Senator Barack Obama was elected to be the next president of the United States of America. The largest [...]