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Swagger-Jacking Critic to Talk Gentrification at Thursday Panel

If you were disappointed that the man who brought the phrase "swagger-jacking" to talk of D.C. development skipped the Busboys & Poets discussion of the issue, then you're in luck.
Stephen A. Crockett Jr., who coined the term last month to describe U Street NW hang-outs like Busboys appropriating black culture, will talk gentrification Thursday at a [...]

What’s A Native Washingtonian?

Elahe Izadi poses an interesting question after reviewing Census data that reveals that most new residents in D.C. are from outside of the region, and most people leaving D.C. are moving to Prince George's County. The people leaving D.C., as we know, are overwhelmingly black, and the people moving in are overwhelmingly not black. Izadi writes:
All [...]

Gentrification By Another Name

Though I don't have an answer to the question Elahe Izadi poses in her DCentric post about whether gentrification by non-whites should have a different name, I do think it's worth connecting with a story the Post ran today about their black women in America poll. Elahe writes:
What’s your take: what does gentrification by non-whites [...]

Murder Is Down In D.C., But Why?

On WAMU's DCentric, Elahe Izadi explores why murder rates have dropped to a 50-year-historic low in D.C. One thing's for sure: It's not due to gentrification.
Since 1990, the percentage of people living in poverty has remained relatively stable or slightly increased in the east of the Anacostia River communities, places which also experienced the biggest recent [...]

Happy Halloween! Reminder: Blackface is Never Okay

Look, I get it. Halloween is coming up, and people want to dress up. There are so many celebrities one could be: Beyonce. Nicki Minaj. Herman Cain!
But I'm going to be real with you: Being an individual of a different race is fine, going as a stereotype just makes you look racist, and blackface is [...]