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Marion Barry’s Mayoral House Is Pretty Sweet

Between the Cool "Disco" Dan documentary, the Cool "Disco" Donuts fiasco, and Cindy Adams, the 1980s are back. So why not remember them in style by buying the house Marion Barry lived in during his first three terms as mayor? You can, for just $469,000.
Barry says that the 3607 Suitland Road SE four-bedroom is a [...]

Remember the Mustard-Yellow Condoms? A Look at the District’s Tortured Response to the AIDS Crisis

A little more than a week ago, news broke that at least three percent of District residents have AIDS or HIV. This provoked Shannon L. Hader, director of the city's HIV/AIDS Administration to now-famously compare D.C. to West Africa. When pressed by Loose Lips at a press conference, Hader stated that our rates of infection were [...]