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Our Morning: Give Us Shelter

Loyal City Desk readers (all four of you), please direct your attention today toward Housing Complex. It's another of the all-day reporting blitzes by the vast Washington City Paper newsroom (see Food Day, Average Day) if, you know, you got the time.
Watch for architectural/vocab dispatches from Beaujon, "jump squad" efforts from Cherkis and Montgomery, doings [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Day After Food Day

Good morning, City Desk readers. If you missed our Food Day coverage yesterday, please give it a looksie now. There were sports. There was meat. There was heartache. Dumpster-diving, even. And other things that will alternately make you salivate and cry and dry heave. All in all, it was a comprehensive food day.
49% of Americans [...]

Hungry for Politics: The Wrap

LL learned a lot of food trivia today. For instance:

Vincent Gray loves wonton soup. Loves the stuff. Had it for lunch today. His chief of staff regularly picks up a double order for him from the Meiwah Express stand at the Reagan Building food court.

There's a great debate over which Starbucks to patronize among John [...]

Hungry for Politics: Tommy Wells

Tommy Wells has been Ward 6 councilmember since 2007.
Favorite Ward Haunts: "It really depends on the occasion. If my wife and I are beleaguered and had a rough week and we want comfort food, we go to La Loma. Sam Fuentes and his family take care of us....When you want to go to someplace nice, [...]

Hungry for Politics: Phil Mendelson

Phil Mendelson has been an at-large councilmember since 1998.
Favorite Restaurant: American City Diner. LL pointed out this is a political pick; ACD owner Jeffrey Gildenhorn is active in local politics. Replied Mendo, "It's a diner! You don't have an appreciation for diners!"
Power Lunch Locale: M&S Grill, at 13th and F. He gets the blue [...]

Hungry for Politics: Carrie Kohns

Carrie S. Kohns is chief of staff to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. She has been described to LL as a "definite foodie."
So Hot Right Now: "Sei, on 7th Street. Love the fish-and-chips roll."
Old Standby: "You can't go wrong with BLT [Steak]. That's an old standby. Delicious every time, great service—best steak in town, for sure." [...]

Hungry for Politics: Marion Barry

Marion Barry is Ward 8 councilmember and a former four-term mayor of the District of Columbia.
Favorite Restaurant: "Don't have one." Barry then goes on to name dozens of restaurants, past and present, that he has patronized. "Player's [Lounge, now Georgena's]—that's at the top of that list." There he favors the fish, collard greens, and candied [...]

Why Is Today Different From All Other Days?

Because it's Food Day, people.  And we're blogging like mad on Young & Hungry.
Get into it.
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery