Cheap Seats Daily Nails It: TARP Bowl Really Does Become Bomb Bowl!

Yesterday, Cheap Seats Daily predicted that the EagleBank Bowl would be renamed the Grumman Bowl.
Today, the EagleBank Bowl was renamed "The Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman."
Kudos accepted!
No insider info went into my dead-on forecast. I simply had faith that the folks who put on D.C.'s only college bowl game would be able to find a sponsor that [...]

Goodbye, TARP Bowl?

Coming soon to a stadium near you: The Grumman Bowl!
Or something like that. The Washington Convention and Sports Authority, which runs RFK Stadium, has just scheduled a news conference for tomorrow to "announce new name and presenting sponsor" for the college football bowl game it has held at RFK at the end of the last two seasons.  
That means [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will NFL Go for the Clooney Rule?

Steve Czaban says Dan Snyder really can step out of the way and let people who know how to better run the things he owns run them.
Czaban's proof? WTEM-AM.
"If people ask why can't Snyder just hire really good people and let them do what they do, well, that's exactly what he's doing on the radio [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Mike Wise Would Write the Sex Column All Over Again?

Mike Wise should write a reverse advice column. He'll throw his problems out there, and readers will respond with support and counsel. He got a good start to this new career with Saturday's article confessing to, well, some sort of personal sexual derring do. Bad derring do!
In this space yesterday, I sorta blasted Wise for [...]

EagleBank Bowl Coming Back

Good thing nobody took my bet: Looks like the city will announce today that the EagleBank Bowl will return, TARP-funded sponsor and all, for the 2009 season.
Sources say the NCAA has sanctioned the game and even given it a better date, Dec. 29, meaning it's moving up the bowl pecking order.
More to come.

Wanna Bet the People’s Bowl Game Won’t Be Back?

I can't predict much about our nation's financial future from watching President Obama's press conference last night. But I will guess this: There won't be another EagleBank Bowl this year.
I've got no insider information. But there just ain't no way.
Financial institutions and the general public were no longer Facebook friends by the time the inaugural [...]