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Dwight Harris Friend Sues Metro Police

When Metro police officers lifted wheelchair-bound Dwight Harris from his chair last May and slammed him to the ground, his friend Lawrence Miller says he asked the officers what they were doing—and was arrested for his trouble. Released without being charged, Miller is now suing Metro police for wrongfully violating his First Amendment rights. He [...]

No Charges For Cops In Dwight Harris Case

Back in June, Rend Smith reported that Dwight Harris—the homeless man pushed by cops from his wheelchair onto a U Street sidewalk on May 19—wouldn't face charges for public drinking or resisting arrest. Instead, the cops were going to see some consequences.
Turns out, though, that they're getting off without charges. The Post reported over the [...]

No Charges for Dwight Harris

It's a reversal of fortune. Dwight Harris was once scheduled to face a judge tomorrow morning for resisting arrest and drinking in public. But after video of two transit cops slamming the wheelchair-bound man to the ground outside the U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro stop surfaced last month, all charges have been dropped, according [...]

Man in Wheelchair “Punched” Transit Cops?

What, exactly, happened before Metro Transit Police officers threw Dwight Harris from his wheelchair on U Street last week?
According to what one officer involved said in a sworn statement, Harris "punched" the transit cops. He was booked for assaulting a police officer and for having an open container of alcohol in the May 19 incident.
If video [...]