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The Needle: Done and Dunbar

Dunbar Blues:  The old, prison-resembling Dunbar High School started getting demolished today. No tears necessary: The new Dunbar is pretty swanky looking. +4
Profits to Date: In the Capital scored an interview with the woman who made headlines yesterday for the retaliatory rant she posted on her blog after a guy dumped her via text, [...]

Photos: Turkey Bowl

Photo Gallery.  Dunbar 33 Coolidge 21.  Nov. 24th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

More DCIAA Buffoonery On View as Dunbar Hosts DeMatha

I wrote lots of words for this week's print edition of Washington City Paper about the sorry hand DC Public Schools football players have been dealt.
The adults who run athletics for DC's high schools do the poorest job of running a league that I've ever seen. Nobody comes close.
Forfeits come in bunches in the city's [...]

Photos: DCIAA City Title Game

Photos: Turkey Bowl

H.D. Woodson Defeats Dunbar, 44-12, Nov. 25. at Eastern H.S. NE.

Super-Recruiter Locksley Trying to Lock Up Another Local?

Albuquerque could get a new football stadium soon: The prepophile website reports that Good Counsel quarterback Zach Dancel just got a scholarship offer from the University of New Mexico.

Head Games: When Will Concussion Repercussions Hit the NFL?

I crave the NFL's televised product. But this hi-def age makes it hard not to notice that the game is about as cruel to the players as Michael Vick was to his dogs. Yesterday was particularly brutal for grey matter matters.
During the Redskins/Colts matchup, we got to see Indy ball carrier Joseph Addai have the life sucked out of him in slo-motion [...]

Superhero D.C. Recruiter Mike Locksley in More Trouble in New Mexico

So maybe there's more to college coaching than recruiting?
For years it was agreed that nobody was a better college recruiter than D.C.'s own Mike Locksley. He was responsible for developing a pipeline of gridiron talent from the District to whatever school hired him as an assistant. Two examples: When Locksley was at Maryland, he landed Dunbar's [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder Lifts Sign Ban Just In Time for Sign Contest He’s Sponsoring?

Just before game time yesterday, Dan Snyder, following Cheap Seats Daily's pro bono crisis PR counsel, dropped the FedExField sign ban. Snyder had just as quietly and cowardly put the ban in place before the Tampa Bay game a few weeks ago to keep fans from showing how much they hate him.
“We have no intention [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Prague Spring for Redskins Fans Survive Snyder’s Jack-Booted Thugs?

David Alprin had his anti-Dan Snyder artwork, or whatever you want to call the above paper plate thingee, confiscated at the gates of FedExField two weeks ago.
Alprin's a longtime Skins season ticketholder and was one of many fans who wanted to make a statement about the state of the franchise.
He'd stayed up late the night [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: What Does Michelle Rhee Know About Dunbar/Fort Hill, and When Did She Know It?

On this anniversary weekend of the Dunbar/Fort Hill debacle, it's about time to call for an investigation of Michelle Rhee for her handling of the racial slur allegations made by Dunbar coach Craig Jefferies a year ago.
DCPS, the agency she lords over, has impeded every attempt to find out what really happened on that Allegany [...]

Final Fort Hill/Dunbar Fallout: You Can No Longer Use the ‘N-Word’ on the Gridiron in Maryland

At its regularly scheduled meeting next week, the board of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association, which runs high school sports in the state, will be presented with a revised code of conduct for all athletes under its jurisdiction.
The biggest addition to the code will be a clause prohibiting the use of any racially [...]

Vontae Davis Says Coach Locksley’s DC Pipeline Will Reach Albuquerque

When I spoke with the NFL's Davis brothers, Vernon and Vontae, before last weekend's youth football camp at their alma mater, Dunbar, they confirmed that they decided where to go to college because of Mike Locksley. He's the DC native and former Maryland and Illinois assistant coach who gained renown by developing a pipeline of [...]

Football’s Davis Brothers Put on a Clinic

DC's own Vernon and Vontae Davis, the 3rd set of brothers ever to be drafted #1 in the NFL, will come home to put on a free youth football clinic this Saturday at their alma mater, Dunbar.
Along with being Exhibit A on how much gridiron talent can be found within the underappreciated DCIAA, the Davis [...]