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Metro’s Biggest Fans Ride Train to Celebrate Silver Line Opening

Bertha and Jim Harrod rode the first Metro train in D.C. when the Red Line opened in 1976. Today, 38 years later, they waited on the train platform at East Falls Church for the first public trip on the Silver Line, which takes commuters from Wiehle-Reston East all the way to Largo Town Center in Maryland.
"It's [...]

The Needle: Citizen Swordcane

En Garde: Security screeners at Dulles caught a passenger Monday trying to take a cane with a sword inside it on board. Transportation Security Administration official say the woman didn't realize she was packing a lethal cane. +1
Because Maryland Got High: The Maryland senate's vote to decriminalize pot Tuesday puts the state one step closer [...]

District Line Daily: The District’s Favorite Republican

Correction: A link to a story about a grocery store you've heard a lot about this week mentioned the involvement of the wrong local politician named Vince. It's been corrected below.
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The Needle: Tire Slashing Spree

Virginia Vandalism: Late-night vandals slashed the tires of at least 64 cars in Herndon Saturday night, according to police. -1
The High Cost of Flying High: Not only is Dulles hard to get to, it's also hard to leave. According to a new study, Dulles has the second-highest domestic fares in the country, second only to [...]

The Needle: Closing Time Edition

Last Call For The Alcohol: Closing time at District bars looks likely to remain 2 a.m. on weekdays and 3 a.m. on weekends. A D.C. Council committee voted 3-2 to block Mayor Vince Gray's proposal to extend alcohol sales for an extra hour, instead recommending to raise taxes on drinks. Which, to be honest, is [...]

The Needle: Downward Zoning Dog Edition

Yoga District: As readers of the Washington Post know, yoga is increasingly popular among D.C.'s gentrifying class. So you can almost hear thousands of myopic little twit types breathing a sigh of relief now that the city's Zoning Commission has moved to eliminate an odd quirk that made it illegal to operate a yoga studio [...]

Anti-Union Virginia Bill Could Stall Dulles Rail

Virginia's creeping conservatism (noted by DCist) is starting to affect the region—at least, potential regional transit.
A bill that has passed the Virginia General Assembly prohibits state funding for projects mandating or giving preferential treatment to contractors who use union labor. That could prevent any state money from being used in the project.
That stance is at odds with [...]

The Needle: Veterans Day Edition

#1 In Your Hearts, #9:30 In Your Programs: Touring bands always give a shout-out to the 9:30 Club when they play there, and even if some of the real legend behind the brand was forged at 930 F Street NW instead of 815 V Street, you get the sense they really mean it. Apparently, Billboard [...]

The Needle: Rain, Rain, Go Away Edition

Lost in the Flood: There was a time when it seemed like it hadn't rained in the District for weeks; grass dried up and died, it was unbearably hot, and weather officials were issuing drought warnings for the region. That time was August. Since then, it basically hasn't stopped raining. Which means today, like all [...]

The Needle: Municipal Weapons Edition

Government Guns: When the District's only federally licensed gun dealership closed in April, it was because of the recession (the store lost its lease), not because of overzealous regulations. But the lack of any licensed shop to register firearms in D.C. left the city vulnerable to legal challenges like the one that got the Supreme Court [...]

The Needle: Marijuana For All Edition

Rain On The Parade: The more information that comes out about the federal government shutdown, the more ludicrous it seems that a country whose elected officials take great pains to describe—belligerently, at times—as the greatest in the history of the world may just close up shop for lack of money this weekend. Among the casualties: [...]

Metro Bad News Roundup: Delayed Silver Line, Hurt Workers Edition

The Metro system, once a reliable point of pride for D.C.'s boosters, has had a rough few years: Safety problems, escalator outages, and rising prices have made the subway a regular subject of local griping. At times, it can be hard to keep up with the torrent of unflattering Metro-related scoops. As a public service,Washington [...]

The Needle: Have Faith in Faith Edition

Election Redux: Anyone who could read a poll (i.e., everyone but Adrian Fenty) had known for some time he was likely to lose to Vincent Gray last night. And lo and behold, he did! To find more surprising results, you had to look a little harder—for example, 1,319 D.C. Republicans wrote in a choice for [...]