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National Airport Workers Postpone Strike Following Brussels Attacks

The Service Employees International Union says it's doing so "out of respect for innocent victims."

D.C. Airports Authority Approves Rideshare Presence at Reagan and Dulles

Come November, Uber and Lyft will be more regularly available at an airport near you.

The Needle: Spaced Out Edition

Capital CrashShare: The way some people ride Capital BikeShare bikes, you'd think accidents involving the service were frequent. (Besides, the bikes feel damn near indestructible while you're on them, and by "damn near indestructible," we mean "very slow.") But today's incident on U Street NW where a tractor trailer and a cyclist collided was only [...]

The Needle: Occupied Edition

Occupy This: Everything was going relatively well between the Occupy D.C. protesters and the various police agencies charged with patrolling downtown D.C.—until, that is, a car hit three protesters Friday night by the convention center, and police declined to charge the driver because he had a green light. In response, Occupiers criticized the Metropolitan Police [...]

Cherry Blossom Line to Dulles, Now Boarding?

Transit maps may be the greatest thing a graphic designer can ever make. Design, I was taught when I was in the trade, is not art. It's utility, with some style. Still, Lance Wyman, the designer of the Metrorail transit map, created something strangely beautiful when he was tasked with the project in the mid-1970s.
Wyman [...]

The Needle: Curried Sheep Edition

That Real Estate Management Firm Sure Plays A Mean Pinball: Most museums in town have powerful financial backers—in the case of the Smithsonian Institution, for instance, the full faith and credit of the U.S. government (which, admittedly, isn't quite as strong a guarantee as it used to be). The National Pinball Museum, on the other [...]

The Needle: Players Win and Winners Play Edition

The House Always Wins: In the first month since opening near Ocean City, Maryland's new Ocean Downs casino took in $3 million. Not bad, considering it's not exactly high season at the beach. Another casino near Perryville, off I-95, generated another $7.7 million. Maybe D.C. officials should look into gambling as a source of local [...]

The Needle: Eastern Motors Edition

911 Is a Joke: In retrospect, this should have been easily predictable—when the D.C. government furloughed employees on Feb. 22, some 200 emergency calls went unanswered. Police and firefighters were exempt from the budget-imposed furlough, but call center employees, i.e., the people who answer when you call 911, weren't. So instead of the usual 16 [...]

The Needle: Snow Edition

Snow!: If you've had a certain 1992 single by a Canadian one-hit wonder stuck in your head all day, believe us when we say we feel your pain. (And if you haven't, click on that link to remedy that.) The first real snow of the season fell today, leaving about 1-2 inches around the region [...]

Don’t Touch My Pizza!

Do you like eating pizza? Do you also like being instructed to run your hands up strangers' legs until you brush up against their testicles? If so, you're in luck!

Our Morning Roundup: Hot Hot Heat Edition

Good morning, people! Hope everyone had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and you're not sitting somewhere in your office sunburned and wondering what happened exactly. Either way, it's almost the weekend again! The District's looking at a high of 101 degrees for today. Don't worry, it won't get there until about 3 p.m., and it'll only [...]

Scenes from Dulles–Inaugural Edition

Inspiration galore, a fountain of good will, even as we the passengers of a small seventeen-row jet from Portland, Maine, flowed into one of the outlying concourses at Dulles International and the throng there. Maine is largely white and the District thankfully is not and at this airport, a way station for the District (and [...]