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Cheap Seats Daily: UDC’s Gym, the Finest Place in Town to Take a Dump?

This week for the suddenly revitalized and again adored print version of Washington City Paper, I, um, repurposed a piece about the UDC basketball team having to finish up the season with five players, and sometimes fewer.
For the newspaper, my story is headlined "Four on the Floor." Go pick up a copy! Patronize the advertisers [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder’s Looking for a Few Good Collections Agents?

Tis the season to adopt a greyhound. Though D.C. isn't near any dog tracks — the closest racing outposts can be found about five hours away in Wheeling, W..V. — the city is a hotbed of greyhound adoption. (My favorite adopted greyhound of all time, Craig Brownstein's Scout, is pictured here. Here's their story.)
Adoption's a [...]