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Update: SIX Flagging

The Washington Post reports that Dubai has gone to hell.
On a related note: Dan Snyder's Six Flags announces that despite its bankruptcy, plans to build a park in Dubai will "proceed as planned."
Keep the dial right here for all the breaking news in Dan Snyder's Six Flags soap opera.

On Trips Issue: Fenty Still Doesn’t Get It

Mayor Fenty talked to WTOP about the controversy over his recent trip to Dubai. I'm sure LL will have a smart take on this. I'm just semi-shocked that Fenty claims to have no regrets over that trek in which the United Arab Emirates government shelled out $25,000 to the mayor. And he attended that tennis [...]

Fenty’s Travel: He’s No Better Than Tony Williams

Earlier today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty engaged in a Q&A at Nathans restaurant; there, owner Carol Joynt asked him about his controversial recent travel to the United Arab Emirates.
He roundly defended the trip, calling the criticism he received the same-old, same-old: “I think you expect on every given day on every given issue that [...]