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Enter Soberman: Superhero to Roam Bars, Stop Drunk Driving

Imagine you're at, oh, Public Bar in Dupont late one Saturday night, drinking a Bud, dancing with whoever. All of a sudden an artificially buff man dressed in a red spandex superhero costume (with underwear on the outside, 'natch) loudly introduces himself as Soberman. He wants to know: Do you know how you'll get home?
Soon, [...]

Urine Tests Might Piss Cops Off

It's been a year since Breathalyzers disappeared from the District, and now some inebriated drivers may be getting a free pass. In February 2010, the city admitted it goofed on some 400 breath tests after a technician made flawed adjustments to devices used by the Metropolitan Police Department. Philly has had [...]

The Needle: Drunks R Us Edition

Tipsy Tenth: Ever feel like the drivers around you are incompetent or blind? Turns out, they're probably just drunk. A AAA Mid-Atlantic survey finds one in ten drivers admits to driving drunk in the last year alone. Since only die-hard drunk drivers are likely to volunteer to a AAA researcher that they've done it, odds [...]

No last call for SoberRide, after all

Go ahead and drink all you want this holiday weekend: free cabs will be around to tote you home from the bar once again.
Just before the Fourth of July, the organizers of SoberRide managed to scrape together the $31,000 they needed to keep the program running. MillerCoors kicked in $15,000 (which, presumably, it'll make back [...]

Drivers Are Boozing Less But Toking Up Is High, Feds Say

Driving while drunk has fallen dramatically over the last few decades but drug use is much more popular, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
According to the latest NHTSA roadside survey, drivers caught with blood alcohol concentrations above the legal limit fell to 2.2 percent in 2007, compared to 7.5 percent in 1975. 
Until 2007, [...]

Paul Strauss Wants To Move Past Drunk Driving Arrest

At the end of May, Shadow Senator Paul Strauss suddenly decided to plead guilty to charges stemming from his drunk driving arrest. It was an interesting move considering that he had long fought the charges, even delaying his proceedings in D.C. Superior Court so he could hunt down an expert witness. The incident had proven [...]

Paul Strauss DUI Trial Postponed to June

LL was all pumped and ready for the Trial of the Century—that, of course, being the adjudication of Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss' October drunk-driving arrest.
The trial was scheduled for Monday morning in the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Marisa J. Demeo, but alas, the drama must wait: Strauss' lawyer filed a motion Monday to postpone [...]