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Guide Offers Tips for Sex in D.C. Cars, Other Crimes

Washington nonprofit Empower D.C. is under fire for linking to a guide that offers tips on how to commit various small crimes around the District, the Washington Times reports.
Empower D.C. didn't even produce the Hey Grrl! guide (PDF), which was made by D.C.'s Different Avenues group. But because Empower D.C.'s blog linked to it, a [...]

Katharine Graham Maybe Smoked Hash With Truman Capote

Did the late former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham smoke a ton of hash with Truman Capote? A recently-unearthed Capote story suggests that the answer to that question is "yes!"
The Post's Reliable Source reports that Vanity Fair is set to publish the story, "Yachts and Things," which features a character named "Mrs. Williams" that is believed [...]

D.C. Police Raid Capitol Hemp in Adams Morgan, Chinatown

Shortly before 7 p.m. last night, the Metropolitan Police Department raided Capitol Hemp locations in Adams Morgan and Chinatown simultaneously. Seven people were arrested, including one customer, on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia. Three of the seven were also charged with drug possession with intent to distribute. As of earlier this afternoon, according to [...]

D.C. Cops Don’t Know Squat About Khat

A man who faced felony drug charges for dealing khat doesn't seem to be in trouble anymore. The Metropolitan Police Department stalked Ethiopian cafe owner Etana Shuremu as if he were the Rayful Edmond of the 5300 block of Georgia Avenue NW. For months, they sat on his Petworth storefront, learning [...]

D.C. Cop: Gallons of Dangerous Drug Mailed to Georgetown

Just a little of the tasteless and odorless "date rape drug" gamma hydroxybutyric acid slipped into a drink can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, and also amnesia, so it's scary to think of someone receiving gallons of the stuff in the mail. But that's what a Metropolitan Police Department source says happened in the area of the [...]

Cocaine + Cell Phones = Caught?

You'd think that since David Simon's The Wire portrayed how instrumental police wiretaps are in taking down drug operations, the subterfuge—which can be employed after cops obtain a court order from a judge—would have worn itself out. But in the D.C. area, 29.5 kilos of cocaine authorities seized last week says [...]

Photo: From the Series: Sign Language

Adams Morgan, January 26

The Needle: Drugs Are For Nazis Edition

Arbeit Macht High: Probably just about every day, some dopey American college student visiting Amsterdam stumbles into the Anne Frank House tripping their face off on mushrooms, only to discover that nothing harshes a buzz like genocide. (Years ago, this happened to some friends of ours, and if they're reading, we hope they're still ashamed.) [...]

GU Drug Dealers Kept Real DMT, Fake Pot?

One of D.C.'s most privileged neighborhoods seems to be a good place to find DIY druggies. First, Georgetown journalist Howard Arenstein decides to grow giant pot plants in his backyard, now a clandestine dimethyltryptamine (DMT) lab shows up in a dorm at well-heeled Georgetown University.
But the two GU freshmen and campus visitor who were arrested [...]

Corey Moore: A Defendant (Again)

A few months back, I ran into Corey Moore in Takoma. He was driving down Piney Branch one afternoon when he saw me and hollered. He pulled over. His teenage son rode shotgun. He had another smaller boy in the back seat of his SUV. I hadn't seen him in years. He told me he [...]

Don’t Dump Your Meds Down the Drain

What do you do with your old, expired medications? Flush them down the toilet, right? Out of sight, out of mind.
But you probably shouldn't do that, as the chemicals will make their way into the local watershed. Which means you may eventually encounter them again—in stranger, and more disruptive, forms.
The problem is complicated. Even if [...]

The Blotter: Potomac Gardens Is The New Langston Terrace

D.C.'s Barksdale Crew?: A police source offers fresh details about the alleged Potomac Gardens drug ring that suffered a huge blow earlier this month.  Police ostensibly busted up the crew–connected to an alleged drug market in the public housing complex–when they made 15 arrests. A police source says cops had been working a case against the heroin-cocaine crew for several [...]

Screaming in Sursum Corda No Cause for Warrantless Searches, Court Rules

The D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday overturned the juvenile adjudication of a teenager arrested for disorderly conduct and drug possession in 2005 after a police officer took his money and he began yelling for help.
Officer Robert Elliott was patrolling the Sursum Corda neighborhood, described in court papers as "a densely populated residential area known to [...]

Weekend in Review: Don’t Forget to Take Your Acid! Love, Mom

The Washington Post Magazine's lead story Sunday involved a twenty-something who goes to India to find his uncle, who's become some sort of Hare Krishna guru-king.
It turns out that when your uncle's a guru, he acts a little weird. He sits on a bed with the writer in silence, smirking. But I think the weirdest [...]

The Blotter: GWU Student Dies From Fall

Fatal Fall: A George Washington University student has died after falling from a fifth-floor dormitory window, according to the GW Hatchet. On Sunday at around 4 a.m, Taylor Hubbard, 20, fell from a window located in Guthridge Hall. Cops believe there was no foul play involved. The Hatchet talked to one of the students who discovered [...]