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Former Senate Staffer Gets 30 Months in Meth Scheme

Judge notes staffer could have faced far harsher penalty

Breaking Thad: How Sex and Drugs Brought Down a Senate Staffer

As Fred Pagan's importance in Sen. Thad Cochran's office increased, so did his interest in drugs.

Before Armed March, Organizer Will Attend D.C. Toke-Up

Will activist Adam Kokesh stop getting arrested in time to get arrested at his July 4 armed march on D.C.? Despite getting arrested at a Philadelphia rally where protesters smoked marijuana earlier this month, Kokesh has started organizing another pro-pot event for June 8—and this time, it's in front of the White House.
Kokesh's Philadelphia arrest [...]

District Line Daily: PCP Popular With Criminals

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PCP is showing up in the systems of arrested people in Washington more than in any [...]

Organizer’s Arrest at Pot Rally Won’t Stop D.C. Gun March

Good news for the libertarian- or mischief-minded: The July 4 armed march on D.C. that has become a call for city-wide civil disobedience is still on. That's despite the arrest of march organizer Adam Kokesh in Philadelphia at a marijuana legalization rally over the weekend.
On his Facebook page, where the graphic at left appeared, Kokesh's [...]

Crack-Smoking Mayors: Not Just for D.C. Anymore

Gawker broke the news yesterday that colorful Toronto Mayor Rob Ford can reportedly be seen smoking crack cocaine on a cell phone video, as long as you're willing to pay $100,000 for the tape. While this will have some impact on Canada, probably something to do with moose and ketchup-flavored chips, it means something else [...]

D.C. Government to Reach Teens With Anti-Pot Zombies

Don't smoke synthetic marijuana, kiddos: It'll turn you into a flesh-craving beast. That's the message of K2 Zombie DC, a new Department of Health ad campaign aimed at keeping young people off "fake" marijuana.
The campaign's material stress what a downer synthetic marijuana makes its users—proms are ruined repeatedly by toking dates, while above, a carefree [...]

Poll: 75 Percent of D.C. Residents Support Decriminalizing Pot Possession

Do Washingtonians want to be legally allowed to spark up this 4/20? A new poll from marijuana advocates says that they do.
Seventy-five percent of respondents to the poll, sponsored by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Policy Project, supported making marijuana possession a civil, not criminal offense. Sixty-three percent of residents polled also supported [...]

In D.C. Jail, “Wizard of Oz” Isn’t Just a Movie

Remember D.C. Jail guard Jonathan Womble, busted in February after a drug-sniffing dog allegedly found pot in his locker? It always looked like the drugs were being smuggled in to inmates, but prosecutors confirmed that suspicion last week when they charged Greenbelt resident Joel Tillery with helping Womble get the drugs, the Examiner reports.
According to [...]

Police: Alleged Drug Dealer Hid Cocaine in Detergent Box

Laundry detergent is a reliable currency in the drug economy. But is it also a good place to hide your drugs? That's exactly what police say alleged drug trafficker Luis Garcia-Monro did last week on New York Avenue.
Undercover agents met Garcia-Monro at the McDonald's at 2200 New York Ave. NE on March 17, according to [...]

D.C. Jail Guard Caught in Alleged Worst Drug Smuggling Scheme

If you're going to smuggle drugs, it's best not to store them around drug-sniffing dogs. That's the kind of plan that has D.C. Jail officer Jonathan Womble now facing his own future behind bars.
On Tuesday morning, one of the jail's K-9 officers took his dog into the men's locker room, according to a statement from [...]

Bath Salts Can’t Rival PCP in Washington

Bath salts might get all the blame these days when someone has a drug-fueled freakout, but addiction blog The Fix reports that it hasn't taken many users from PCP in Washington and other East Coast cities:
The synthetic meth analog got major bad press last year as the new monster-making killer drug epidemic. But in the [...]

Honey Bunches Of Oats: You Put Your Cocaine in There

The magic's in the mix! According to police, one group of Washington drug dealers are using a new spot for their stash: a Honey Bunches of Oats box.
Alleged cereal fans Herman Murillo and Edin Perez have both been charged with distributing cocaine. Murillo and Perez brought their cereal box to a meeting with a potential [...]

“Lunching on the Boat” Not as Innocent as It Sounds

If someone invited you to "lunch on the boat," you'd probably be into it, right? Maybe they're a good chef, and have a houseboat.
But be wary! "Lunching on the boat" actually means being high on PCP, according to a new opinion from the D.C. Court of Appeals, which is apparently way more up on the [...]

Pot Junkies Terrorize D.C. Parties

Guys, Washingtonians are smoking pot at parties, and the Washington Post is on it:
A new challenge is figuring out how we’re all supposed to navigate dinners, cocktail parties, barbecues and cross-generational family get-togethers as more people liken puffing on a joint to sipping a glass of wine, while others [...]