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What the Examiner Should Have Written About Capital Bikeshare

Things Examiner reporter Liz Essley could’ve written about in today’s Examiner, based on the statistic that there are more driver-biker crashes given the rising number of cyclists in D.C.:

Why more cyclists on the road mean more crashes, but also mean roads are safer
Whether better education is needed for drivers and cyclists
If there's a critical [...]

Bike Lanes Good For Everyone?

We could file this under "duh," but it's worth pointing out anyway: Bike lanes make life easier for cyclists and drivers.
A new study out of Johns Hopkins University found that in Baltimore, 17 percent of drivers didn't give cyclists the requisite three feet of space when passing them—unless the cyclist was in a bike lane.
Good [...]

Bikers: Do You Stop At Red Lights?

At the Atlantic Cities, Nate Berg takes note that in one (unscientific) study, 58 percent of cyclists ran red lights, compared to seven percent of cars. In addition, cyclists only come to a complete stop seven percent of the time (drivers make a full stop 22 percent of the time). It leads him to an [...]