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Chatter: Card Talk

For all but the most feverish lovers of cherry blossoms, D.C.’s new driver’s licenses leave something to be desired. Readers were generally enthusiastic about our recommendations for new ID designs last week, but also offered their own suggestions. “Need a photo-traffic cam montage with an angry guy, ticket in hand,” wrote Bob. “And an alternating red [...]

The D.C. Driver’s Licenses We’d Like to See

The District released new designs for driver’s licenses and other identification cards last week (including a vertical layout for cards for people under 21, the better to keep them out of bars with). But the redesign (above) goes heavy on icons that mean a lot to tourists—like the cherry blossoms—and light on the stuff D.C. [...]

Proposed Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Would Look Different From Normal License

The crowd at Mayor Vince Gray's packed press conference this afternoon was in a good mood. By this reporter's count, the mayor dispensed five high-fives, two hugs, and two hugs with high-fives while announcing legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for District driver's licenses. But when it came to the issue of what [...]