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The Needle: Started From the Bottom, Now Drake’s at Stadium Club

Also, Ben Bradlee's funeral will be on TV.

The Needle: Dead Deer

Woodland Woes: The appearance of a dead deer in front of Cork Wine Bar on 14th Street NW yesterday is grim enough, but even worse is that fact it took the city hours to remove the corpse. -5
DeGrassi Star Polite: Rapper Drake pulled some funny faces at Howard's Yardfest, but at least he didn't justify [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Where Is Pickles?

(Life) Lessons And Tests From A First-Year Teacher is confused about what to do when a student bites them: "Today i was bit by one of my was sort of inevitable, but damn, hurt nonetheless. and with the classroom not being my own, with few structures in place, i'm not quite sure what [...]