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The Number of Streetcar Tickets Issued So Far: 748

Number of passengers: Zero.

This Week Will Be So Hot That DPW Has to Pick Up Your Trash Earlier

Get ready for the first real heat wave of the summer, D.C.
Because temperatures are expected to rise above 90 degrees throughout the week, trash collectors will pick up trash and recycling bins an hour earlier so that the workers can avoid the worst of the heat later in the day, the Department of Public Works announced [...]

How Many Trucks Does It Take to Pick Up D.C.’s Unwanted Trashcans?

Here's your trashcan trivia question of the day: If the Department of Public Works delivers 210,000 new trash and recycling bins to D.C. households, and, say, half of those households want their old cans picked up, how many trucks will it take to pick up the old ones?
Answer: A lot.
The city is using about 38 trucks per [...]

Since U Bin Gone: How D.C.’s Trashcan Pickup Went Awry

Last week, a Shaw resident came up with a rather feudal solution to a modern Washington problem: She appealed to the nearest Prince.
For more than a month, old garbage bins had languished on a corner of the 1600 block of 4th Street NW. Like neighborhoods across the city, Shaw had received new 32-gallon trash cans and [...]

The Trash Can Removal Blitz Starts Saturday

The Department of Public Works is launching a trash and recycling bin "removal blitz" this Saturday. The announcement follows some seriously bad press for the District government, which has lagged in its removal of bins across the city.
Every D.C. household received bigger recycling bins and new trash bins this year. The new bins came with [...]

Possible Snow Tuesday, No Chance for a Spring Snow Day

The District's weather-watchers expressed their dismay at the slight chance of snow hitting the region Tuesday with an abundance of question marks on Twitter and blogs.
Residents responded to the Capital Weather Gang's headline ("D.C. area forecast: From summer today to winter late Tuesday; even snow?") on Twitter thusly: "???"
The National Weather Service says this weekend's [...]

Two Weeks After a Snowstorm, Some Residents Still Waiting for Trash Pickup

The effects of the District's pre-Valentine's Day snowstorm still linger on, with significant portions of the District reporting that they haven't had their trash or recycling picked up since before the Feb. 13 storm.
This backup most widely effects residents that have once-a-week Thursday trash pickup, chiefly large portions of wards 3 and 4, according to [...]

The Needle: D.C. Delinquents

Illegal Parking: The Department of Public Works says that 600-700 cars were ticketed during the snow emergency and 200 were towed. And the costs were hefty: a $250 fine, plus a $100 towing fee. -2
Healthy Living: Right Proper may have only sold five beer growlers by 2 p.m. today, but it seems that more D.C. residents [...]

Fear Not! Everyone’s Still Getting a New Trash Can!

There were some funding hiccups along the way, but Mayor Vince Gray announced Thursday that he has secured the necessary $9 million to move forward with his plan for D.C. to buy every household in the District new trash cans and bigger recycling bins.
The mayor first introduced the city to its new bins in November, [...]

Like It or Not, You’re Getting a New Trash Can

Even if your trash cans and recycling bins are in good condition, you'll still receive new ones as part of D.C.'s $11 million initiative to deliver new bins to all city residents by the end of July.
The new trash receptacles are the same size as the current ones, but the new recycling bins are bigger—an [...]

Street Sweeping Enforcement Starts Today

We hope you moved your car! The Department of Public Works reports it will be implementing a new and improved street sweeping program this year:
DPW conducted a study of the sweeping program and found that rerouting the sweepers would increase efficiency and allow us to increase the number of streets we can sweep regularly. Another [...]

Wait! Don’t Tip Your Garbage Collector!

Forget everything you've heard about holiday tipping. Here in the District, residents should apparently forgo tipping their garbage collectors in favor of writing a nice note to the boss. On the Tenley email list, Department of Public Works spokesperson Linda Grant writes:
We would prefer that you express your appreciation in writing to DPW Director Howland at either or [...]

DPW To Talk Snow Today at Noon

The Department of Public Works is having a live chat on its website today at noon to answer questions about the always contentious topic of snow removal. From my inbox:
DPW To Discuss the City's Snow Removal Plan During Live, Online Chat, Wed., Nov. 30, at Noon
The Department of Public Works Street and Alley Cleaning Division [...]

The Needle: Baltimore United Edition

What Will Keep United In D.C.?: Baltimore wasn't playing when it decided to make a bid for D.C. United, which isn't happy, or profitable, playing at RFK. (Fans, meanwhile, aren't happy with the team's inability to make the playoffs.) Major League Soccer has been surveying fans up I-95 about how they'd feel about a soccer [...]

Leaf Collection Starts Next Monday!

From the Department of Public Works to my inbox:
Leaves are falling and the Department of Public Works is ready to deploy more than 200 employees Monday, November 7, 2011 to start collecting them.  Leaf collection season runs through January 14, 2012, and every neighborhood in the District will have its leaves collected.
“Leaf collection is our [...]