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Snow Storm Facts: Too Much Money, Too Little Salt

This unrelenting winter has been rough on the District's salt supply. At the onset of today's snowstorm, the District had only 25 percent of this season's salt reservoir left, though officials said today they are confident they have enough to make it through this storm. (The city started this snow season with 35,000 tons of [...]

Reported Assaults Raise Questions of Security at DPR Facilities

In the wake of reported sexual assaults at the Wilson Aquatic Center in Tenleytown, a D.C. council oversight hearing today focused on what security and managerial lapses allowed the alleged attacks to occur and why it took so long for the Department of Parks and Recreation to communicate with the public about the attacks.
Police are [...]

Eyewitness Report: GU Cop Wants to Know ‘Who That Motherfucker Thinks He Is’

"Who do you think you are, motherfucker?" Stumped?
That's supposedly the question Georgetown University student Christine Pfeil heard a GU campus cop ask a cornered suspect. An effort to contact Pfeil failed, so we have no idea how the guy answered. But Pfeil told the Georgetown Voice blog Vox Populi that early on the morning of [...]