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So Much For ‘Self-Determination,’ Council Ices Statehood Committee

It still has a website–but it seems that D.C. Council's Special Committee on Statehood and Self-Determination is no longer.
Doxie McCoy, communications director for Council Chairman Vincent Gray, emailed this week in response to City Paper's cover story, "How the Gun Lobby Shot Down D.C.'s Congressional Vote," to point out that Councilmember Michael A. Brown no [...]

Fenty Booed at Gray’s High School Alma Mater [UPDATED]

An apparent controversy over the top speaking spot at Dunbar High School's commencement services on Monday resulted in boos for Mayor Adrian Fenty.
In a video clip posted by WJLA-TV, you can almost hear his Hizzoner saying, "Thank you so much," amid the chorus of boobirds. Almost. The local ABC affiliate reports:
Both Mayor Fenty and Council Chairman Vincent Gray appeared at [...]

Vincent Gray Stumbles On Streetcar Issue: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Suspect: I Watched Project Runway During Wone Murder," "Budget Vote: Seniors Stage Protest," "Budget Silver Lining: Another Million For Bruce Monroe, Etc.," "Jim Graham Campaign [...]