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Breaking News: Redskins Read City Desk, Replace One Castaway With Three Castaways!

Who says the Redskins aren't on top of things?
After reading in this space yesterday that Donovan McNabb is no longer on the team, somebody removed the deposed QB from the home page of, the search engine touted on the Washington Redskins official web site.
Alas, the same genius who kept McNabb on the home page [...]

Redskins Still Using Donovan McNabb and Devin Thomas to Foster Brand Loyalty?

If you're looking to find all the news about yesterday's Donovan McNabb demotion by the Vikings, what better search engine to use than MyRedskinsSearch, found on the Washington Redskins home page and endorsed by the team that, well, demoted McNabb a year ago.
McNabb, of course, was shipped outta town after his benching here.
But apparently somebody [...]

The Needle: Send ‘Em to Minnesota Edition

Donovan the Viking: He arrived from Philadelphia amid so much hope and excitement. And then: A belly flop. Are we talking about Jayson Werth? No, silly—Donovan McNabb! The Redskins appear close to a deal to send last year's franchise savior to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a pair of sixth-round draft picks. We might [...]

If McNabb Wouldn’t Follow the Shanahans’ Orders, Then Who Gave Him a New Contract?

The latest chapter in the ruination of Donovan McNabb is playing out on radio and TV outlets all over town.
This week's installment holds that the feud between McNabb and Redskins management kicked into high gear around the time of his benching in Detroit last season, when he allegedly refused to wear a wristband with plays [...]

Doug Williams, Back With the Redskins!

For this week's in-the-black print platform of Washington City Paper, I played the race card. Anybody who listens to local sports radio, where Kyle Shanahan has been compared to "David Duke Jr.," can tell the racial angle of the Donovan McNabb mess ain't played out yet. Pick up a copy, read the column, love thy [...]

The Needle: 2011 Edition

Yellow Line to the Urinal: Metro has a series of advertising posters up in stations taking thinly veiled potshots at the New York subway, featuring large photos of rats and saying that unlike "some" subway systems, D.C.'s doesn't have lots of vermin because our system is nice and clean. But if WMATA officials have plans [...]

The Needle: Congressional Oversight Without Representation Edition

Pretty Please: In the grand hierarchy of actions that seem like good ideas but won't actually amount to a whole lot, "starting a petition drive" falls somewhere a few levels of effectiveness behind "forming a blue-ribbon panel." Which is why we don't have great faith that a petition drive by local civil liberties groups against [...]

The Needle: Rex Edition

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: Okay, they're not pandas. But the debut Monday of the National Zoo's lion cubs should still set off alarms for possible cute overload. All seven of the cubs, born over the summer, will be "previewed" for Friends of the National Zoo members tomorrow, then—depending on weather—released outside early [...]

Circus Update: Redskins Take Away McNabb’s Job, Chance to Break Passing Record

The Redskins have benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman. No, really.
This means he won't break the all-time Redskins record for passing yards in a season.
Don't even try to tell me the benching and his approaching that record aren't related.
They're as related as Kyle and Coach Tanahan.

The Needle: Beatlemania Edition

Next Stop, Knoxville: The recession may, officially, be over. But consumer spending hasn't returned to normal levels—and if you needed more proof of that, the rapturous greetings with which the news of Megabus' expanded service from D.C. should suffice. The discount bus line will run direct routes from the District to Boston; Buffalo, Charlotte, N.C.; Hampton, [...]

The Needle: Reuben Charles Edition

Reuben Charles in Charge: City Paper's Loose Lips columnist's job will be less fun over the next four years; apparently Almost Mayor Vince Gray has decided not to give the chief of staff job to Reuben Charles, who's got a long history of tax liens and default judgements related to failed business ventures. We can [...]

The Needle: General Election Edition

D.C. Votes! The election that Professional Washington devoted its last year to predicting may be taking place everywhere but the District. But polls are open here in Our Nation's Capital, too. Not much drama to report: Even without Democratic primary loser Adrian Fenty's tepid opposition to a write-in effort on his behalf, it's a good [...]

R You In, McNabb?

Mike Shanahan had his "Swinging Gate" moment just 8 games into his first year.
Skins fans haven't been this blindsided by a coaching blunder in, well, however many weeks it's been since Jim Zorn called that fake field goal against the Giants.
What made memories of Zorn's call so durable was that the coach stuck with it even after the Giants [...]

The Needle: Robots in Disguise Edition

More Than Meets the Eye: Once again, it's time for Shia LeBeouf to save Optimus Prime—and the world—from certain doom at the hands of the Decepticons. Streets will close near Capitol Hill next week as filming begins for Transformers 3. Obviously, a thriving local film industry can be a good source of jobs, tax revenue, [...]

Dan Snyder to Use Dubious Grammar, Dubiouser Accuracy In Next Attempt to Move Club Seats?

A Georgetown grad student who identifies himself as a Redskins media intern has posted details of, and a visual from, what he says will be the next marketing campaign the team will use to try to unload unsold premium seats for the 2010 season.
"Sales of these seats have been poor and thus we put our [...]