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What a Previously Unreleased MPD Account Says About the Night Ali Ahmed Mohammed Died

On Oct. 16, 2010, the head of the Metropolitan Police Department's homicide branch sat down to document a 911 call. The request for service had come into the District's Office of Unified Communication via cellphone the day before, at around 2:30 a.m., and figured prominently in a high-stakes case, one for which the chief of police [...]

Daycare Fight Emerges from “Purgatory”

Remember when a certain reformist-minded city administration went around closing stuff?
A group of  fired daycare workers and their union—the American Federation of Government Employees—certainly do. On Tuesday, they filed a $10 million lawsuit against the D.C. government, alleging city officials sabotaged the Department of Parks and Recreation child-care programs they worked for and illegally privatized [...]

D.C. Court Rules Against Cops In Discrimination Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled against six African-American D.C. police officers in their discrimination suit. Their lawsuit alleged that then-Lt. Robert Atcheson had used derogatory language towards them and had singled them out for abuse, denying them overtime and promotions. Legal Times reports:
"Senior Judge A. Raymond Randolph, writing for the [...]