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The Washington Post’s New Publisher Co-Founded Politico

Katharine Weymouth gets axed.

District Line Daily: One of the Many Relisha Rudd Case Mysteries

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Countless mysteries still persist in the unsolved case of missing 8-year-old Relisha Rudd. Today the Washington Post examines [...]

The Needle: Cracks in Congress

Capitol Repairs:  The U.S. Capitol dome will be clad in scaffolding for two years as it undergoes renovations for the first time since 1960. The new look will match nicely with the Washington Memorial, which arguably looks better since it's been decorated with scaffolds. +3
Eggcellent Breakfast hoagies are back at Taylors Gourmet. Though there are [...]

Listen to Jeff Bezos Meet Washington Post Staffers

Despite our proximity to the Washington Post newsroom (about four blocks away) and our similar names, Washington City Paper was unable to legally get into Jeff Bezos' much-anticipated pep rally with his new staff.
But like all good pseudo-media reporters, I was glued to Twitter the entire time and have summed up the gist of what went down [...]

Dead-Tree Addition

A few years from now, we may find out some of the problems at the Washington Post can’t be cured by throwing money at them.
Circulation continues to decline, after all, and revenues with them. Digital ads don’t make anywhere near enough money to support the paper’s robust newsgathering operations on their own. As for print [...]

Katharine Graham Maybe Smoked Hash With Truman Capote

Did the late former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham smoke a ton of hash with Truman Capote? A recently-unearthed Capote story suggests that the answer to that question is "yes!"
The Post's Reliable Source reports that Vanity Fair is set to publish the story, "Yachts and Things," which features a character named "Mrs. Williams" that is believed [...]

[Insert Dying Newspaper Joke]

Sometimes, the Washington Post makes it too easy. Today, the paper announced that it's buying a majority stake in a hospice business, presumably so it will have someplace to retire to:
In his statement, [Don] Graham said, “We are a diverse group of businesses sharing common goals and values but each with its own identity and [...]

The Needle: Myopic Little Twits Edition

Myopia Spreads: Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy apparently couldn't beat Twitter; he's decided to join it, instead. The Post has Milloy and other writers taking social media training classes, and the man who coined the phrase "myopic little twits" will become one, himself, next month. Milloy says he may use the handle @gigabyteme, but alas, [...]