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Report: Nationals Missed Recruit’s Fatal Meningitis

Mother Jones is out today with a bruising report on how Major League Baseball teams recruit teens in the Dominican Republic, and the Washington Nationals look especially badly. Reporter Ian Gordon's story centers on Nationals prospect Yewri Guillén, who died from bacterial meningitis shortly after attending the team's Dominican training academy in 2011.
Guillén started having headaches [...]

The Needle: Metro Opens Doors

Caribbean Conning: What's up with the healthy Venn overlap between the DMV, the Dominican Republic, municipal vehicles, and mysterious dealings? Five years after a D.C. firetruck found itself being shipped to the island nation under shadowy circumstances, the D.R. is back in the news again, with a Maryland man pleading guilty to posing as a [...]

Dominican-Bound Fire Truck and Ambo Now Sitting in City Lot

You've read about them all week in the pages of the Examiner and lesser publications! Now see them with your own eyes—the fire truck and ambulance once donated by the District government, controversially, to the Dominican Republic!
A well-tipped LL, accompanied by ace photog Darrow Montgomery, headed down in the LLmobile to the city property yard [...]

Cheh, Mendo Request Investigation Into Fire Truck Controversy

On Friday, Councilmembers Mary Cheh and Phil Mendelson sent a letter to CFO Dr. Natwar M. Gandhi seeking an accounting of "every travel expenditure incurred by the Executive Office of the Mayor and every subordinate agency during the months of December 2008, January 2009, and February 2009."
The reason: the fishy fire truck donation to the [...]