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In One Day, D.C. Unable to Meet 77 Requests from Domestic Violence Victims

"This report shows us what we already know—there are not enough options for survivors in D.C.”

GIRLFIGHT! The Washington Post Creates A Non-Trend

I just don't find this Post story on a so-called "surge" in violence among young women very convincing. The argument goes thus:

This year, four unrelated pairs of women were involved in arguments that ended in homicide; one pair of roommates at Howard University had a fight that culminated in one allegedly throwing a boiling pot [...]

WEAVE Launches Campaign To Save Itself

On Sunday, WaPo reported that WEAVE, a non-profit which provides legal and other supports to domestic-violence victims, was set to cease  operations. WEAVE had become a victim of city budget cuts. The Post writes:
Eleven days ago, WEAVE's board of directors decided it didn't have enough funds to keep operating and voted to begin the process [...]

Randolph Scott Harris Sentenced For Assaulting Wife, Pastor

Yesterday, the U.S. Attorney's Office noted that conclusion of Randolph Scott Harris' case. Harris, also known as Eddie Harris, 46, was sentenced to 242 months for AWIK, ADW, threats and "related firearms charges," according to a press release. Why should we care? Because of the circumstances of his crimes.

‘I Was Beat Up’

At 1: 30 p.m., "Lockup Number 10" is called. A thin, almost frail woman steps before the arraignment court judge in Courtroom C10 of D.C. Superior Court. The woman had spent the night in jail with a pitstop at a local hospital. She had been charged with simple assault.
Within seconds, her case is no papered.
"This [...]