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Stuff White People Like: D.C.

The District, once known far and wide as Chocolate City, has become so inundated with yuppie-friendly amenities in recent years that it's now a top destination spot for myopic little twits. Or at least according to a click-bait compendium by real estate blog Movoto, which ranked D.C. as the seventh-most-liked city in the nation for white [...]

It’s Nearly 5 P.M., Where’s Your Millennial At?

The Washington Post keeps spewing its observations about millennials–this seemingly hard to define, but apparently homogenous generation that likes to spend all its recession-era money on frivolous shit.
City Desk has been keeping close tabs on this groundbreaking series, and based on our understanding of the reports, here's a breakdown of what the hippest generation in D.C. [...]

The Needle: Running on Fumes

Running Nowhere: The Marine Corp Marathon, which is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 27, might be postponed or canceled if the shutdown doesn't end by the end of the week. -3
Field of Shattered Dreams: A hilariously petty and bitchy lawsuit could threaten to tear apart Headfirst, a prestigious D.C. baseball camp. These Needle points awarded go to [...]

The Needle: Viet-Noms

Torched Olympics: A nonprofit is pushing to get D.C. to host the 2024 Olympics, but there's so many reasons why that's a bad idea. -5
Viet-Noms: Doi Moi, inspired by the street food of Thailand and Vietnam, opens today on 14th Street NW. +1