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Photo: Double Team

Dachshunds Vs. Great Dane © 2010 Matt Dunn

Photo: Dogs in boots

© 2010 Matt Dunn

Photos: Dog Sneezing

Photo: Dog Carrying

© 2010 Michael W. Hicks

Photos: Dog Swim Day

Chihuahua Dies in Hot Car While Mich. Tourist Visits Holocaust Museum

When temperatures creep near 100 in these parts, the true American idiots are sure to be found. How? They leave their dogs inside a ridiculously overheating car while they go about their day of activities. Because we all know how enjoyable it is to sit in our own car with the windows up in this [...]

Photo: From the Series: Other People’s Dogs

Poolesville, August 28

Georgetown’s Mystery Rat Poisoner Might Kill Your Pets Too

There's someone in Georgetown who probably thinks they are doing the area a great service by dumping rat poison around town. False.
Now Georgetown pet owners will likely be in a frenzy protecting their pooches from inhaling the pellets during their evening strolls. Before we know it, all fuzzy creatures will be extinct in Georgetown if [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Dog Lovers v. Gardeners at Newark St. Park

The Issue: A decade after residents of the McLean Gardens residential community started lobbying for a dog park on Newark Street, construction has finally begun. But can the new dog park and the established, strictly pet-free community garden co-exist in the same place?
The gardeners have had a history of problems with some dog owners who, [...]

Photo: From the Series: Other People’s Dogs

Is Someone Poisoning Dogs in Stanton Park?

Capitol Hill has a lot more dog fans than, say, ice cream truck fans. That's why frequenters of Stanton Park were likely freaked out to find numerous warning signs posted around the green space this week, alerting pet owners of possible evil lurking about in the form of little greenish-blue pellets of rat poison.
It seemed a sinister plan was at work. The pellets [...]

Photos: Dogs Love Cherry Blossoms

Photos: Parts Unknown

Photos: Caught on Tape

Photos: Thursday, the Dog Wants In