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The Blotter, Animal Edition: Dogs Fighting Doesn’t Always Mean Dog Fighting

Mace-Off: On April 8, a caller tipped off Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) to alleged dog fighting on the 1900 block of Naylor Road SE. When an officer arrived, he discovered that wasn't exactly the case. Though two dogs were locked in combat, the situation was entirely accidental. A dog had escaped from a yard and attacked another dog being [...]

This Man Will Take Your Dog: Life as an Animal Cop

Rolling up in a white Ford Explorer, Mitchell Battle scopes out a two-story house on 55th Street NE. He glides the SUV through an open set of wrought iron gates, then swivels his head several times, trying to spot lurking dangers.
In all the years he's been on the job as an animal cop, he's never [...]

Abused Dog To Move to Undisclosed Location

If you're looking to find Trooper, the mangled pit bull ditched in a Southeast Dumpster by dog-fighting operatives last month, you may be disappointed. The dog is going to move soon from the Friendship Hospital for Animals to an undisclosed location.