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Here’s What Snow-Covered D.C. Looks Like From Space

Landsat 8 picks up blizzard effects

Metro Approves Paul Wiedefeld as New GM

Metro gets a new boss.

Proposed Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Would Look Different From Normal License

The crowd at Mayor Vince Gray's packed press conference this afternoon was in a good mood. By this reporter's count, the mayor dispensed five high-fives, two hugs, and two hugs with high-fives while announcing legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for District driver's licenses. But when it came to the issue of what [...]

District Sends Few Mental Health Records to Gun Database

Via the Examiner, the District joins 23 states which don't send many records of the mentally ill and substance abusers to a national database that prevents people with mental health issues from buying guns:
[The National Instant Criminal Check System] has about 1.3 million mental-health records in total, but 23 states and the District have each [...]

More People Are Moving From D.C. To Maryland And Virginia

D.C seems to be shedding residents, at least locally—23,202 to Maryland and 10,593 to Virginia last year—while the states aren't sending as many back our way. Only about 13,503 moved to D.C. from Maryland, and about 7,915 crossed over from Virginia:
Stronger job growth and a healthier housing market in the region account for much of [...]

The Needle: Amnesty Edition

No Free Parking: These days, municipal governments need to scramble to find every spare dollar they can. Which is why the District is extending its free research program as part of a parking ticket amnesty—the program, which was set to end today, has already brought in nearly $400,000 from scofflaws taking advantage of the chance [...]

The Needle: Send ‘Em to Minnesota Edition

Donovan the Viking: He arrived from Philadelphia amid so much hope and excitement. And then: A belly flop. Are we talking about Jayson Werth? No, silly—Donovan McNabb! The Redskins appear close to a deal to send last year's franchise savior to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for a pair of sixth-round draft picks. We might [...]

The Needle: Independence Edition

Yes We Can (Continue The War On Drugs): Advocates of D.C.'s new medical marijuana law were relieved to find the zealous new House Republican majority didn't try to block it while writing the next fiscal year's budget this spring. Turns out they were worried about the wrong end of Pennsylvania Avenue. The Department of Justice [...]

D.C. Drivers: America’s Dumbest!

You know that stereotype about Washington being a city of strivers and overachievers and grade-grubbers?
It doesn't apply behind the wheel.
An annual traffic-rules survey has ranked D.C. 51st in the country when it comes to driver know-how. The test asked 20 questions that commonly appear on the written portions of drivers' license exams–including questions asking for [...]

Representation Drowns in the Anacostia

The District Department of the Environment released an image of a new specialty Anacostia River commemorative license plate this morning. (Check out a larger version here.)
What do you think? The Anacostia River seems awfully wavy, eh? That allows the top of "RESENTATI" in the word "Representation" to peek out of the water; the plates do try [...]

City Says Anti-Statehood License Plate Frame Is Indeed Illegal

An update to the anti-statehood license plate cover City Desk told you about on Thursday! In the situation of our BMW driver on Capitol Hill who isn't apparently all that jazzed about the notion of D.C. statehood, a spokeswoman for the city, Kate Stanton, tells us that this particular cover is indeed illegal. It's technically [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Petrol Prophylactic Edition

Good morning, people. Today looks to be as gorgeous as yesterday. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow, so take advantage of this day–have a popsicle, run up and down some bleachers, make friends with strangers on the sidewalk.
It beats driving around the DMV–D.C., Maryland, Virginia. Who the hell came up with that acronym? Every time [...]

Photos: Official Portraits

Photos: DMV, the Line Dance

Barry Seeks ‘Jaguar, Mercedes, or BMW’

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's on-again, off-again boycott went off again yesterday afternoon, when the mayor-for-life called LL to take issue with his "silly" item on Barry's new wheels.
To recap: LL noted that Barry is now driving an aging Toyota Corolla; it bears tags registered to the BMW that Barry used to drive and which [...]