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District Line Daily: Ex-Con TV Critic Returns

Our local ex-con TV critic returned to review another season of "Orange Is the New Black."

District Line Daily: Gun Reasoning

For now, D.C. can still require people who want to carry a gun to show they have a "good" reason.

District Line Daily: Bad Timing

A new report says D.C. employers who change work schedules at the last minute cause severe economic hardship for their employees.

District Line Daily: The Food Issue

Our annual Food Issue is back, with a restaurant and bar for every occasion.

District Line Daily: Hemp Redemption

Capitol Hemp, the Adams Morgan shop that was forced to shut down in 2011 after police raided it, will reopen.

District Line Daily: Metro’s Dead Body

A new lawsuit claims an attorney's corpse went unnoticed in Metro's Judiciary Square station for four days.

District Line Daily: Albisu Wins at RAMMYs

"I've burned so many bridges on my way here. This is very strange."

District Line Daily: Bowser Courts Dan Snyder

How is the mayor wooing Dan Snyder to build a football stadium in the District? We've got details.

District Line Daily: The Gay Issue

Our cover this week's features stories about Capital Pride's evolution, Walt Whitman's gay D.C., and LGBTQ immigrants.

District Line Daily: From the Rooftops

D.C.'s first rooftop farming company has launched.

District Line Daily: Subway Guy Speaks

The anonymous vandal who tagged the forthcoming Subway in Mount Pleasant spoke to City Paper in an exclusive interview.

District Line Daily: Shaw Mother Mourned

More than 100 people gathered Friday evening for a candlelight vigil for Tamara Gliss, a mother shot outside of her home in Shaw last week.

District Line Daily: Local Reporter Killed

Local reporter Charnice Milton, who covered wards 6, 7, and 8 for Capital Community News, was shot to death on Wednesday.

District Line Daily: Stream of Consciousness

Advocates are taking what they learned at Malcolm X Park, a federal park pulled from the grips of drugs and violence, to Marvin Gaye Park in Ward 7.

District Line Daily: Disservice Journalism

The recent Gothamist piece on reasons to "actually" visit D.C. was strangely preoccupied with one hotel in Dupont.