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District Line Daily: ‘Sphere Today…

Artisphere couldn't survive without public funding, so Arlington County is shutting it down. But isn't art worth the money?

District Line Daily: Summer Jobs Debate

The D.C. Council approved the mayor's proposal to expand the Summer Youth Employment Program, but not before a heated debate.

District Line Daily: Eastbound

Martha's Table is the latest longtime nonprofit located on 14th Street NW to make plans to move east.

District Line Daily: Table for $25

Another app that charges for restaurant reservations launches today in D.C.

District Line Daily: Metro Fare Jumpers

WMATA tackles fare evasion.

District Line Daily: Fluff Piece

Six animal tales from the District.

District Line Daily: Too Close to Call

LaRuby May, whom Mayor Muriel Bowser backed in Ward 8, has a slim lead in the race to replace Marion Barry.

District Line Daily: Special Election Day

The polls are open in Ward 4 and Ward 8, in two races that will continue a major overhaul of the D.C. Council.

District Line Daily: Dorothy Fauntroy Waits

Dorothy Fauntroy has been waiting more than three years for her husband, missing former D.C. Del. Walter Fauntroy, to come back to D.C.

District Line Daily: Big Victory for Low-Income Tenants

A judge rejected an ultimatum from the owner of Museum Square Apartments.

District Line Daily: Up in the Heir

As Ward 8 picks Marion Barry's successor, the late mayor-for-life still dominates the ward's politics.

District Line Daily: Birth Control Bill

The D.C. Council is considering a bill that would let women in D.C. get a year's worth of birth control at a time.

District Line Daily: The Latest in BBQ Sauce Dispensing

Barbecue sauce from a beer tap is now a thing.

District Line Daily: Uber’s Surge

The D.C. area is one of the country's most welcoming regions to Uber and Lyft.

District Line Daily: Magic Jim

Former Councilmember Jim Graham is now organizing strip shows at the Georgia Avenue NW club, the House