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District Line Daily: Is Winter Coming?

Are you panicking yet?

District Line Daily: Within Reach

How is D.C. reaching out to its homeless population this winter?

District Line Daily: How to Pay for Paid Leave?

A proposed benefit would cost the District hundreds of millions of dollars.

District Line Daily: Sex & Drugs & Politics

An ex-staffer for a U.S. Senator faces years in prison at his sentencing Friday after pleading guilty to a meth-distribution conspiracy.

District Line Daily: When Bowie Came to America, He Came to Silver Spring First

He visited Silver Spring in 1971.

District Line Daily: One Year After Metro Smoke Incident

The Jan. 12, 2015 smoke incident at L'Enfant Plaza station left one dead and many injured. A year later, Metro is facing increased scrutiny.

District Line Daily: First Three Homicides of 2016

The violence started Friday with a series of shootings.

District Line Daily: 35 Years of 9:30

A new book commemorates the club's history.

District Line Daily: Robbery Squad

A new task force announced yesterday aims to combat robberies.

District Line Daily: Polling for Gray

If ex-Mayor Vince Gray declares candidacy for the D.C. Council this year, new numbers could help his cause.

District Line Daily: Another In-Custody Homicide

A hospital patient's death in October while he was in custody of security guards has been ruled a homicide.

District Line Daily: Round II

The mayor says she's ready to come out swinging in 2016.

District Line Daily: Cops Out

The number of police officers has fallen to its lowest level in a decade.

District Line Daily: A Son Lost

Staff Sergeant Peter Taub, a close relative of D.C. restaurateurs, died in Afghanistan this week.

District Line Daily: Pot for Christmas

This is the first year in D.C. that it'll be legal to gift small amounts of marijuana to others.