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District Line Daily: “Lackluster, Feckless, Inefficient Enforcement”

The D.C. police union is ramping up criticism of Chief Cathy Lanier as the District's homicide count continues to rise.

District Line Daily: Homicides Reach 2014 Count

On Friday night, D.C. registered its 105th killing this year, equaling the total count of homicides in 2014.

District Line Daily: #BlackLivesMatter Meets #SaferStrongerDC

Local Black Lives Matter activists interrupted Mayor Muriel Bowser during a speech she gave on a new anti-crime plan Thursday morning.

District Line Daily: The Numbers Game

Police Chief Cathy Lanier shared crime statistics and motives in a citywide email to police-district listservs yesterday.

District Line Daily: It’s Electric!

On Tuesday, the District’s Public Service Commission blocked Exelon, a Chicago-based utilities company, from merging with Pepco—a proposed $6.4 billion takeover.

District Line Daily: After Shooting, Bus Detours

A nonlethal shooting that involved a W8 Metrobus Friday night has led Metro to discontinue service along Elvans Road SE, in Shepherds Parkway, after 7 p.m.

District Line Daily: 102 Homicides

The city recorded 105 total homicides last year.

District Line Daily: Suspect in Shaw Shooting Arrested

Marcus King, a 19-year-old suspect in this past Saturday’s fatal shooting of Matthew Shlonsky, 23, turned himself into police custody Thursday afternoon.

District Line Daily: The Bard Sell

To build or not to build? That is the question before the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

District Line Daily: A Violent Afternoon

Three fatal shootings occurred across the District Tuesday afternoon, bringing this year's homicide tally to 97. Last year's total homicide count was 105.

District Line Daily: Tourists, Tourists Everywhere

The District saw a record 20.2 million tourists last year, with increases in both international and domestic tourism.

District Line Daily: AU Grad Fatally Shot in Shaw

Matthew Shlonsky died Saturday after being shot near the Shaw-Howard Metro station, at 7th and S streets NW, around 5 p.m. He was 23-years-old.

District Line Daily: Recurring Violence

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier noted at a press conference Thursday that a significant number of homicides this year have involved repeat violent offenders.

District Line Daily: Invisible Tape

David Wilson, an inmate convicted for being the getaway driver in a D.C. murder case, uncovered the existence of a confession he says will exonerate him, but nobody can find the tape.

District Line Daily: Triple Shooting in Shaw

Three men were shot near 7th and O streets NW in Shaw around 10 p.m. last night.