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X2 Bus vs. Streetcar

A bus reportedly swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle and instead dinged a streetcar.

Metro Introduces New 60-Foot Buses Along Major Roads

Metro says the new buses will improve efficiency on busy routes as well as driver safety.

D.C.: Telecommute During Papal Visit, But Use Metro if You Can’t

Get ready for Pope-mageddon 2015.

District Braces for Pope’s Visit, With Major Road Closures and Detours Planned

Bowser: “We are ready. We have safety measures in place. And we are prepared to manage through any impacts on local transportation and services.”

Downtown Sinkhole, Still Unrepaired, Enters Local Zeitgeist

The downtown sinkhole at 14th and F streets NW is entering its second day of causing rush-hour havoc, and it's still not clear when it will be closed again.
"It is a very complex situation out there," says DC Water spokeswoman Pamela Mooring, who says she doesn't have an estimate on when it will be fixed. [...]

Ads Coming to Bikeshare

Good news for libertarians who think Capital Bikeshare relies too much government money: The District's Department of Transportation is looking for a company to sell ads at the District's Bikeshare stops.
The ads will go on the map panels at 128 of the stations in the District (the other four are on Park Service property). According [...]

Route 29, Where Are You?

In the not-really-news-but-still-sorta-interesting department, City Desk gets results! You may recall that I've been closely following the saga of some signs around Dupont Circle that have pointed drivers in the direction of Route 29, a U.S. highway connecting the Baltimore area with Pensacola, Fla. The problem is, as I first pointed out more than five [...]

Progress in Quest to Get Errant Route 29 Signs Removed

If you've ever made your way through Dupont Circle on foot or via some sort of wheeled transportation, you might have spotted signs for Route 29, a U.S. highway that connects the Baltimore area with Pensacola, Fla. But there's a problem: Route 29 doesn't go through Dupont Circle!
It hasn't for years. But the Route 29 [...]

Sign Tampering Scandal a ‘Charade,’ Jim Graham Campaigner Says

Ward 1 Democratic candidate Jeff Smith continues to accuse incumbent D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham of tampering with his political signs.
Graham's camp maintains there is  "zero hard evidence" of any such malfeasance.
Smith says he recently received an email from Mt. Pleasant resident Margot Berkey, alleging that the Department of Public Works (DPW), a city agency whose committee Graham oversees, [...]

DDOT: We’ll Get to Side Streets Before Other Jurisdictions

"If not today, it'll be tomorrow."
That's the promise of John Lisle, a spokesperson for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) in a long-ranging interview this morning with City Desk. Lisle was referring to DDOT's sked for hitting the residential streets with plows and salt and so on.

Confessions of a Wi-Fi Loafer – DC’s New Parking Rules “Completely Suck”

I was just loafing when this popped into my inbox: The District Department of Transportation is doing away with one of the city's sweetest freebies: Saturday parking. Starting soon, drivers will have to feed the meters on Saturdays, just like they do Monday through Friday. The rate for primo spots in parking-challenged neighborhoods is also [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Hungry Parking Meters May Invade H Street NE

The Issue: The District’s "performance parking" pilot program, which has raked in $1.4 million in revenue in Ward 6, may be arriving in the H Street entertainment and arts district. During the past few years, the redevelopment of that district has brought a flurry of new businesses and patrons. Who can resist the balls [...]