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District Finally Inspects D.C. General Shelter For Mold

Just about everyone who has entered D.C. General's family shelter has complained about the peeling paint and mold in the stairwells. The complaints are perhaps second to complaints about the food, slow case management, and bizarre staff-resident interactions. What we were wondering: Has any District agency inspected the property and attempted to abate the peeling [...]

City Bans Toxic Road Building Material, Announces $2,500 Fine

The coal industry is having a tough week. Yesterday, the environmental and human toll of mountaintop removal coal mining was the subject of a Senate hearing. Today, the DC government announced a $2,500 fine to anyone using coal tar in pavement projects. 
Staring Jul. 1, DC will no longer issue construction permits for roadway and driveway builds involving [...]

Why the City Is Promoting Conservation With 100,000 Paper Doorhangers

Plenty of folks at this point (hat tips: Scott's Take, DCist) have pointed out that the Mayor's Conservation Corps—part of the city summer jobs program—have spent their first days on the job handing out paper doorhangers.
Many of them have ended up on the street and sidewalks, and then there's the obvious irony of promoting a [...]