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Photos: Breakfast Special

Photo: Tuesday, The Diner

Bladensburg Road NE, February 23

14th & T: The Saga Continues

Remember when furniture chain Room & Board was definitely coming to D.C. via the demise of the locals' plan to bring a Diner/Tryst/Open City/comedy club/yoga and dance studio to 14th and T? Well, it fell through.
Housing Complex's Ruth Samuelson has the scoop, which takes up where we left off.

Development at 14th and T: Good News, Bad News Edition

We learned today that Dave Chappelle, yes the Dave Chappelle, has signed on as a potential investor with the Diner/Tryst/comedy club planned for the old Church of the Reformer at 14th and T Streets NW, the development plan we wrote about in July.
The bad news? That plan is close to imploding. Sources close to the [...]

This Just In: Diner/Tryst/Open City Owner Mulling Over Buying City Paper

OK, well, what Constanine Stavropoulos actually said was: "I think that would be fun" and "I have to think that you guys, as a unit, are profitable and you are probably paying for the sins of the owner."
The reality: Stavropoulos currently has his hands full trying to develop the former Church of the Rapture at [...]

OMG! Party Photos! Are You in Them?

OK, it's really the ANC 2B meeting last night, where Diner/Tryst/Yoga/Comedy fans pulled off the impossible: standing-room-only at an ANC meeting to hear a 15-minute presentation mostly laid out here. The commissioners did not weigh in. There was no time for questions. In other words: Stay tuned.