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D.C. Talk Radio Station Won’t Run Liberal Ad, Man Says

With a line-up featuring talk radio sluggers like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, Washington talk radio station WMAL probably doesn't seem like the place for an ad calling Dick Cheney a war criminal. But that's no reason the station shouldn't run it, according to an activist named, uh, The Pen.
"That is my full legal name," [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘Apologize With a Poem’ Edition

Good morning.
So, in no particular order: Marion Barry is "truly, truly" sorry. Erik Wemple is leaving City Paper. Dick Cheney has had another (!) heart attack. And more snow could be on the way!

More Juicy Cheney Stuff!

The Washington Post's Barton Gellman, author of Angler, the most indispensable book on the Cheney-Bush administration, is out with more great details about the former vice president.
In a wide-ranging piece in today's paper, Gellman nails several key points about Cheney's fascinating and still-evolving relationship with George W. Bush. A sampling:

Morning Roundup: Sick as a Dog Edition

Broadcasting from Beaujon Acres this morning, where a cold has laid me out flatter than one of Tim Carman's jokes. But I'm not too sick to link!

Does anyone else find this kinda poignant and sad? Also kinda related: Post computers drive tech writer to cloud.
Ruth Samuelson corner: 1) Now that's "getting" Results! 2) Madness in [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Just When We Forgot Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers!  Remember those lovely events and people we tried to forget about in the past few years, among them press secretaries, judicial nominations, and transit accidents?  They're all back to rear their ugly heads this morning, so let's commence with the news rundown.

Yesterday afternoon, City Desk posted the latest WaPo article [...]