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Breaking: Two People Shot at Columbia Heights Metro

First off, an urban survival tip: Don't try driving around Columbia Heights this afternoon—14th Street is blocked off and so is Irving Street.
The occasion for the extreme traffic measures is a crime scene at the Columbia Heights Metro stop. This afternoon, two people were shot in the lower extremities just outside the entrance to the [...]

Who Is Stonewalling On The Peters Case?

On March 21, Erika Peters and her two young boys were found murdered in their Carver Terrace home at 2000 Maryland Avenue NE Apt. 104. Within hours, her live-in boyfriend Joseph Randolph Mays was charged with the fatal stabbings. This week I wrote a cover story about the tragedy and the several questions left unresolved. [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Safeway Troubles

Penn Quarter Living reports on another inauguration-themed store opening downtown. Ugh. More inauguration crap!
Life In Mount Vernon Square has troubles with the new Safeway. The complaints concern the lack of circulars and the feeling that they've been overcharged:
"The store hasn't had circulars one time that I went in during the past 5-6 weeks.  Annoying yes, but it [...]

D.C. Examiner Needs Spell Check

This morning, the Examiner's Bill Myers dropped a sweet story on the D.C. Police Department's in-fighting over the Trinidad checkpoints. What makes the story so great is that Myers actually got the police department to respond to a FOIA and give him internal e-mails. So instead of boilerplate, he's got the good stuff. It seems [...]

Assistant Chief Groomes on the Petworth Shootings

Tonight I spoke briefly with Asst. Police Chief Diane Groomes, who offered a couple new details on this weekend's spate of shootings in Petworth.
First, good news for the man left in critical condition after the shooting Friday night on Marlboro Place.  Groomes reports that the victim—who was shot in the head—is showing signs of improvement.
"He's [...]