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Plan to Create Jobs, Maintain Affordable Housing Near 11th Street Bridge Park Released

Short-term strategies include hiring residents who live in Wards 6, 7, and 8 to help construct the park as well as preserving existing affordable housing near the bridge since home values will almost certainly rise as the park nears completion.

Local Nightclubs and Bars Wrangle With Residents Over Anti-Noise Regulations

A bill before the D.C. Council would require outdoor and rooftop establishments to kill their music by midnight.

Roll of the Vice

A board game aficionado recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a D.C.-specific version of Risk. From the fact that everything east of the river is labeled "Anacostia" to the improbability of Columbia Heights and Chevy Chase teaming up to declare war on Tenleytown, the game has its share of flaws. Fortunately, there are several [...]

Donald Trump Wants to Avoid D.C. Taxes

Insatiable media hog Donald Trump is no fan of high taxes in public policy, and he's sticking to that position in his business life. The Washington Business Journal reports that Trump's organization has been trying to wriggle out of paying District taxes on its Old Post Office hotel development.
Since the Old Post Office is a [...]

Ward 5 Voter: Buildings Without Kids Are Racist!

The Ward 5 special election, in Tim Craig's telling in this morning's Post, is turning into the same thing virtually every recent D.C. election has become: a referendum on the city's changing demographics. And I'm sympathetic to most of the concerns longtime residents raise in Craig's story: development only arrives when wealthy, white residents do, [...]

Omar Karim Gets Heated on Kojo

Embattled developer Omar Karim, in a rare appearance, submitted to journalists' questions today on WAMU's Politics Hour.
Under fire for his ties to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, Karim answered questions from hosts Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood with thinly veiled outrage. Karim defended his own credentials and the record of his firm, Banneker Ventures, with an [...]

City Sues Developer Over Hotel Holdup

LL bets that Ben Jacobs, the principal owner and chief executive of developer JBG, fancies himself a guy who can play hardball. After all, in order to settle a business dispute with Marriott Corp., he filed a lawsuit against the city that's held up the long-awaited convention-center hotel project. That's hardball.
Well, Ben, meet Peter Nickles. [...]

Deputy Mayor Not Happy With Council Budget Moves

Neil O. Albert, outgoing deputy mayor for planning and economic development, is not happy with some of the D.C. Council's budget proposals. He dispatched a letter [PDF] today to councilmembers taking issue with several proposals contained in budget legislation scheduled for a second and final vote on Tuesday.
Two of the issues involve the fates of [...]

Nationals Park: No Revival Yet. Here Are A Few Reasons Why

Yesterday, the Washington Post printed some very obvious news to anyone who's been on South Cap. Street in the past year: Nationals Park hasn't sparked much revitalizing in Southwest. The city spent $1 billion in infrastructure upgrades and developers have made huge holes in the ground and left a lot of buildings still vacant.
As the [...]

Shiloh Baptist To Present Plans For Its Vacant Properties

From the desk of Shaw ANC Commissioner Alex Padro: Shiloh Baptist Church is back to making promises about its vacant properties stinking up around the Convention Center and its surrounding blocks. The church has announced "that they will present their current plans for all the vacant properties," Padro writes in an e-mail, at ANC 2C's [...]

Our Morning Roundup

14th & You has an update on the proposed hotel on U Street. The hotel looks massive and would dominate the block: "Designed in a style meant to emulate 'traditional' DC architecture, the hotel will top out at ten stories and include something in the neighborhood of 250 guest rooms." Ground floor would include retail [...]

Winners And Losers Along Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE

For the last two days, I've had the pleasure of driving around Ward 7—specifically in and out of the Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE corridor.
I had spent a ton of time there four years ago for a story about a father who got burned out of his house after he started fighting the local hoodlums. [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Obama Smiles Over The Virgin Mary

DCmud reports that an Adams Morgan mixed-use development project has hit a roadblock—the tanking economy. The new residential has been nixed. The Popeyes has beaten death.
Borderstan warns 'Beware Roof Top Burglars in Borderstan." In other Borderstan news, the Borderstan name suddenly has some respectable converts in the media.
Free In DC highlights a show this Wednesday: [...]

Is The Tivoli Jinxed?

Prince of Petworth spotted some more storefront closings in Columbia Heights: Carvel and Cinnabon have closed. The two shops were located in the Tivoli. Isn't that now three storefronts that have failed in the renovated theater space?
Is Target to blame? Or is this simply that both shops were just sucky? They always seemed to have [...]