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D.C. Had 17.4 Million Domestic Tourists in 2013

If you thought you saw more Segways than usual zipping by you on Pennsylvania Avenue last year, it wasn't your imagination. In 2013, more than 17.4 million domestic tourists visited D.C., a 3.1 increase over 2013 and a record high, according to Destination D.C., the nonprofit responsible for the marketing of D.C.'s tourism and major conventions.
These [...]

D.C. Tourism Ad Appeals to Voyeur, Exhibitionist Demographics

Local boosters at Destination D.C. promised to unveil a "sexy" ad campaign today for Date Night D.C., a scheme to increase tourism in the winter. And depending on your feelings for public humping, they might have succeeded with the ad above, in which a couple grinds up on one another while other diners are both [...]