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Metro to Hold Advance Meeting on Safety Issues

Metro scrambles its safety and security committee in response to the recent derailment.

Metro Knew of Problem That Caused Derailment Almost a Month Before It Happened

“For reasons I will not defend, we frankly did not act quickly enough to make repairs.”

Orange, Blue, and Silver Lines Are Single Tracking—Again (UPDATE)

Metro reports another track problem has sprung up at Smithsonian.

The Red Line Derailment: One Passenger’s Account

A man who called himself King John was on the Red Line on his way to the Medical Center Metro stop—headed to Briana's Hair Spa in Frederick, where he's a master barber. He was in the third car. It just stopped. "It was a slight bang," he said. "It wasn't major."
There was uncertainty, the flickering [...]

Photos From Farragut North

Train With 345 Passengers Derails at Farragut North; Three “Very Minor” Injuries

Metro has reported the derailment of a six-car Red Line train at the Farragut North station.
Metro's statement in full:
A six-car Red Line train headed in the direction of Shady Grove Metrorail station has reportedly derailed near the Farragut North Metrorail station. There are no reported injuries.
Metro officials and local first responders are at the scene [...]

WaPo Slow to Train Crash

At this moment, Dr. Gridlock is in the vanguard of Washington Post coverage of this afternoon's train mishap in Northeast D.C. The item credits WJLA-TV and CNN for key facts on the accident.
Here's one commenter from the on the matter:
How is the Washington Post being scooped about a potentially serious metro rail collision? This [...]

Red Line Trains Collide Near Fort Totten: Deadliest Crash In Metro History

Comes this dispatch, via Dr. Gridlock:
A Red Line Metrorail train derailed at 5:10 p.m. approaching Fort Totten in the Shady Grove-bound side. Trains are turning back at Brookland and Takoma....Metro says that shuttle bus service has been requested to bridge the gap between Takoma and Brookland.

There are reports of injuries. Developing.
UPDATE, 5:35 P.M.: This seems [...]