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BARACK, GAYGUY, and BATMAN on 68-Page List of Banned D.C. Vanity Plates

Bad news for Washingtonians who want license plates honoring Doctor Who, Barack Obama, or Bruce Wayne—plates related to those things are all on a whopping 68-page list of words that can't be used on D.C. vanity license plates, newly obtained by open records site the Government Attic and available in full below.
The collection of banned [...]

Harry Thomas Gets Booted, Blames Fenty

Examiner's Michael Neibauer was first to report this morning that Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. got his car booted last week.
He had failed to pay four tickets incurred by his 2007 Audi Q7 SUV, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Audi was parked in a rush hour zone on Sept. 21; parked [...]

Taking a DMV Driver Test? Prepare to Bring Your Own Car

The District government's belt-tightening has now extended into its vehicular policies.
In an memo issued June 23, Attorney General Peter Nickles addressed two issues: the use of city-owned cars in Department of Motor Vehicles driver tests, and the use of city employees' own private cars while on government business.
Regarding the former, the memo [PDF] notes that [...]

DMV Puts 703,927 Miles on Area Man’s Car

Mike Kalyan, City Paper's former production manager, moved from D.C. to Alexandria recently. He needed to register his car. Kalyan brought in his paperwork to the DMV office on Four Mile Run. His paperwork was, characteristically, in order. And then the employee asked him if the mileage total on his car was correct. He confirmed [...]